President Joe Biden was heckled by Republican lawmakers during his State Of The Union address – once when suggesting the GOP wants to end Social Security & Medicare, and again when he asked “anybody here from out of town?”

A Pennsylvania court ruled the state’s public school funding system unconstitutional, saying lower-income districts aren’t adequately funded because of lower property tax revenue. No solution was given, but ideas include a sales tax on prostitution, and collecting a $50 fee for carjacking licenses.

TSA agents at Philadelphia Airport stopped a man with a loaded handgun and dozens of bullets in his carry-on bag. Then they realized he was ticketed on Spirit Airlines and allowed him to proceed.

A former American Idol contestant started a class-action lawsuit claiming she, and other, contestants were paid nothing for eight consecutive 15-hour days of work. So far, the plaintiff class has 400 former participants, but not William Hung or the ‘Pants On The Ground’ guy.

Zoom is laying off 1,500 employees. Terminated workers were notified twice – the first time the human resources person was on mute.

A former Victoria’s Secret store manager said they’re not allowed to confront shoplifters. The policy is for their own safety, and because of lawsuits when managers wrongly demanded shoppers hand over their underwear.

Retired porn star Ron Jeremy was committed to a California state mental hospital, after being declared f*ckin’ nuts.

Animal welfare officials in Nevada found a domesticated dog had been taken in and cared for by a pack of coyotes. The dog is now at a local animal hospital and listed in stable condition after treatment for falling anvil and jet pack injuries.

19-year-old Eden Polani, rumored to be dating 48-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio, deleted her Instagram account. She is reportedly upset with the backlash over comments from her 230,000 followers, most of whom are also 40+ creeps but with less money.

A toddler had to be rescued after her head became stuck in an angel food cake pan. The pan was cut free, and her face was iced down because the cake hadn’t cooled yet.

No Jokes Tomorrow – Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! cd

The Supreme Court ruled Congress may obtain Donald Trump’s tax returns. Now they just need to find the H&R Block store in Russia that prepared them.

Ice Cube said he missed out on a $9 million film role because he wouldn’t get the COVID vaccine. Cube argued that he’s a member of NWAA – N**gas With Adequate Antibodies.

Hundreds of workers at Apple’s largest manufacturing plant in China fought with guards over restrictive COVID lockdowns at employee dormitories. No one can figure out how to stop the violence, because all the factory’s Genius Bar employees were knocked out.

Kanye West reportedly showed Adidas employees intimate nude photos of ex-wife Kim Kardashian. He’s accused of showing dozens of people something they’ve already seen dozens of times.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General received 2,500 complaints about Taylor Swift tickets. They also received a complaint about Ed Sheeran tickets – but that was just a guy mad that his girlfriend bought Ed Sheeran tickets.

Joe Biden extended the freeze on student loan payments until June, giving underemployed grads the flexibility to default on car loans instead.

Georgia GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Herschel Walker declared a primary residence in the state of Texas. “So what?” asked Dr. Oz.

A former Catholic priest in Louisiana pleaded guilty to obscenity charges after filming sex with two female dominatrices on the altar of a church. Asked to explain why he was there with two women, he said he’d given altar boys the night off.

Singer Jordin Sparks joined Kelly Rowland in defense of Chris Brown, whose American Music Awards tribute to Michael Jackson was cancelled. Reached for comment, Brown said “I’d hit that”.

Titanic director James Cameron said he almost didn’t give the lead role of Jack to Leonardo DiCaprio due to DiCaprio’s diva attitude during casting. Cameron admits the movie turned our far better with DiCaprio than with his alternate choice, Jim Varney.

Hip-hop star Megan Thee Stallion told Essence magazine about spending her first Christmas without her mother. Asked if she was sad, Thee Stallion clomped once for ‘yes’.

The last solar eclipse of the year, not visible in North America, was viewable via live streams and YouTube. It’s the first eclipse you had to skip ads to see.

The same-sex kiss in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, was edited out for cinemas in Singapore. It was either that, or the gay couple had to accept their punishment being candy caned.

Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone National Park broke a record, erupting 47 times in 2019. Steamboat thanked Geyagra.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, eating in a 6-hour window and fasting for 18 hours may help you live longer, provided the 6 hours doesn’t include a stop at Checkers.

A newly married 26-year-old woman was charged with defrauding her 77-year-old husband, cashing checks for almost $1 million. On the same day, she was arraigned & held on bail, and her story was made into a Lifetime tv movie.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s mother is reportedly worried that if he remains noncomittal, Leo will drive model/girlfriend Camilla Morrone away. For his part, Leo is worried his model/girlfriend won’t take the hint.

Miley Cyrus settled her divorce from Liam Hemsworth on what would have been their 1-year anniversary. Appropriate, since the traditional First Anniversary gift is Paper.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian gave their daughter North a coat once owned by Michael Jackson as a gift for her 6th birthday. They then rushed her to the ER after she ate the quaaludes she found in the pockets.

University of Memphis Athletic Director Laird Veitch wished his former head football coach Mike Norvell well in his new job at Florida State, telling FSU officials they “hit a home run”. Veitch added “I’m not good at sports metaphors.”



A new study analyzed over 22,000 porn sites, finding over 93% were sharing user data with at least one third-party tracker. Researchers had a difficult time explaining to their wives why they had 22,000 porn sites in their browser history.

Bugatti announced a limited edition high performance supercar, the Centodieci, that costs $9 million. They’ll only produce ten of them – five to sell, and five to replace those when their owners crash them into trees.

Former UFC fighter Igor Zinoviev said he believes, based on medical findings, that Jeffrey Epstein had assistance killing himself. Zinoviev shared this opinion on his new show ‘UFCSI’.

Whitney Port of “The Hills” said she regrets turning down a one-night stand with Leonardo Dicaprio ten years ago. She wishes that instead of being the woman from The Hills that everyone forgot about, she was the woman Leonardo Caprio banged that everyone forgot about.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr and his family survived a fiery private plane crash at a Tennessee airport. The plane skidded off the runway, and Earnhardt had to tell the crew on scene to put out the fire instead of changing the plane’s tires and refueling it.

Donald Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland. Greenland replied it’s perfectly capable of going bankrupt all by itself.

The Little League World Series is underway. Players representing teams from around the world come to Williamsport, Pennsylvania with one thought in common: wondering why in the hell they couldn’t have the Little League World Series someplace fun.

Following a 19-5 blowout loss to the Indians, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone spoke in favor of a “surrender” rule to end lopsided games early. Ron Gardenhire, manager of the 37-82 Detroit Tigers, favors surrendering the remainder of the season.

The Indianapolis grave of John Dillinger may be exhumed to prove that it’s really him. Extra police are being brought in to prevent an escape.

Cava, the fast-growing Mediterranean-style restaurant chain, opened its first innovation kitchen in Washington, D.C. Cava is being called the Chipotle of Mediterranean food, and its innovation kitchen is trying to match Chipotle by developing its own strain of E. coli.




Southwest Airlines kicked off its latest promotional discounts, with one-way fares as low as $69, and special one-way fat-shaming fares as low as $49.

As sub-zero temperatures in Chicago continue, residents are being advised about ‘Frost Quakes’ – rumbles and noises from subterranean rock breaking as it freezes. Not to be confused with the cheap store-brand Frost Quakes cereal your mom buys.

Nintendo delayed the launch of its eagerly-awaited smartphone game, Mario Kart Mobile, until this summer. However, the marketing slogan is already set: “Don’t Text and Drive — Drive and Drive!”

Augusta National Golf Club announced that the par-4 5th hole, named ‘Magnolia’, has been lengthened 40 yards to 495 yards for this year’s Masters. They also announced that there isn’t a chance in hell you slobs will ever see or play it in person.

A South Korean woman whose husband died suddenly in Mexico claims Mexican authorities returned his corpse with the brain, heart and stomach missing.  In an unrelated story, the scarecrow and tin man got what they wanted from the Mexican Wizard of Oz.

Gisele Bundchen, wife of star NFL QB Tom Brady, opened up about her relationship with actor Leonardo Dicaprio. Bundchen said she split from Dicaprio because she was “no longer numbing herself” with drinking and work. Dicaprio replied saying he split up with Bundchen because she was “no longer 22”.

USA Today published an expose of Miami’s Jolie Plastic Surgery center, where 8 women have died after plastic surgery, 4 from complications of Brazilian Butt Lifts. The principal physician regrets that their asses couldn’t be saved.

A drunken British man whose misbehavior caused a Calgary-to-London flight to turn around must reimburse WestJet Airlines $21,000 for the fuel costs they incurred. The man said he’ll pay for the jet fuel, but only if he gets to drink some of it.

Walmart announced it will start paying bonuses to employees for good attendance. A spokesman called this a win/win for employees, since the bonuses are paid for showing up, not for actually doing any work.

Researchers at Stanford & NYU found that people who deactivated Facebook for four weeks reported being happier, but less informed about current events. They also reported difficulty finding $19 Ray-Ban sunglasses and bootleg copies of first-run movies.