Anthropologie stores recalled some of their candles because they pose a fire risk. They’re offering a full refund, and training for customers to help them understand how candles work.

Victoria’s Secret hired their first lingerie model with Down Syndrome. A company spokesperson said they didn’t notice, they just wanted 36Cs.

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford turned his back as a photographer fell off a stage during a Super Bowl victory ceremony, doing nothing. Stafford later claimed he looked away from her because she took the wrong route and wasn’t open.

Apple said its Face ID security for iPhones will soon work while you’re wearing a mask. It requires you to draw a really good picture of your nose and mouth on your mask.

Former supermodel Linda Evangelista shared the first photos of her body since claiming it was irreparably damaged by a Coolsculpting fat-removal procedure. The pics appear in People magazine, and the Sports Illustrated Bathrobe Issue.

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva failed to medal in the Olympic women’s individual competition after falling several times in her long program, because she failed to take her grandfather’s vertigo medication.

Disney is building a planned community in Palm Springs, California, where residents will be participants in “stories”. Deposits have already been received from registered sex offenders looking to buy a home on Donald Duck Lane and not wear pants.

The new USFL football league will hold a player draft next week, or as soon as players at the NFL Combine fail their drug tests.

NASA’s Perseverance rover marked its first anniversary on Mars, declining the $99 cabin filter change at Martian Jiffy Lube.

Phil Mickelson is said to be interested in a controversial breakaway Saudi Arabian golf league to compete with the PGA – where ‘making the cut’, ironically, means you avoid beheading.

Masterpiece Cakeshop was fined $500 for refusing to make a birthday cake – blue on the outside, pink inside – for transgender woman Autumn Scardina. Scardina then tried to trick the baker by saying it was for a gender reveal party for a 30-year-old. [Story h/t to J.O.!]

Tori Spelling told an interviewer she no longer sleeps in the same bed as her husband Dean McDermott, that she sleeps with her kids and her dog. In other news, Tori Spelling’s dog filed for divorce.

Donald Trump said windmills “kill everything” in a recent interview with Fox News Sean Hannity. “Damn right” said the families of birds who died tragically.

Iranians are voting in their Presidential election. “Ayatollah who’s gonna win” said an Iranian pollster.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Catholic services agency who refused to let gay couples provide homes to foster children. The agency expressed gratitude at the ruling and their continued ability to allow only hetero couples to abuse children.

Daredevil Alex Harvill died while warming up to break the world record for longest motorcycle jump. The coroner said he’ll perform an autopsy once he stops skidding.

Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks lost their 22nd consecutive road game. They’re so cold, fans can’t wait for them to return to 118-degree Phoenix.

Golfer Phil Mickelson was visibly upset by a ringing cell phone while playing the 13th hole at the U.S. Open. He demanded the phone be put on silent, but his caddie said it was the fourth time Phil’s wife called to ask when he’s getting home.

Billie Eilish is under fire for allegedly mocking Asians in videos she made in her early teens, when she was known as Beery Irish.

Haiti’s mens soccer team missed out on a chance to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, when goalie Josue Duverger mishandled a defender’s pass for an own goal, and they lost 1-0. Duverger will never be able to silence the haiters.

Two domestic house cats in New York City tested positive for coronavirus. The cats have decided to self-quarantine for 15 years.

Facebook Messenger Kids app will launch in 70 more countries, providing a valuable communications tool for quarantined pedophiles.

With Kim Jong Un’s health in question, political observers are wondering who would be next in line to lead North Korea. Most agree that it would be Kim’s younger sister, Dakota Jong Un.

Zoom released version 5.0 with security and privacy improvements – so Zoombombers can now control who else on the video conference sees their genitals.

Tiger Woods & Tom Brady will take on Phil Mickelson & Peyton Manning in a charity challenge for COVID-19 relief called “Golf on TV Somehow Cures Boredom”.

The Masked Singer’s Banana was revealed to be Poison frontman Bret Michaels. Now millions of Americans – not just Poison groupies – have seen Bret Michaels’ Banana.

A new study finds eating potatoes with processed meat leads to higher risk of dementia, leading the American Medical Association to consider changing its name to McDementia.

Industry leader DJI is prepared to release its latest camera drone model, the Mavic Air 2. It costs $799, or $999 if you want it to just find topless women on its own.

Golden State Warriors head coach & former Chicago Bull Steve Kerr said in an interview that Michael Jordan punching him in the face “helped our relationship”. Kerr went into coaching after a brief, unsuccessful career as a marriage counselor.

Nintendo Switch consoles are being hacked and used to purchase expensive in-game currencies, according to a report from Detective Toad of the Mushroom Kingdom’s cybercrimes division.