Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen are rumored to be in an “epic fight” over his decision to unretire and play another NFL season. Gisele is currently not staying at their home in Tampa, and Tom is feeling deflated.

New York City ended its mask requirement for subways, buses and other mass transit, allowing commuters to once again savor the full aromatic bouquet of urine.

Saudi Arabia threatened Netflix over content that ‘violates Islamic values’. Specifics weren’t given, although it’s believed Saudi officials are upset over gay characters, same sex kissing, and the continued availability of Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack And Jill‘.

Barack & Michelle Obama will return for the unveiling of their official portraits at The White House. Meanwhile Donald & Melania Trump will attend the unveiling of their official portraits to hang in the restrooms of Texas Roadhouse.

A Southwest Airlines pilot threatened to cancel a flight from Houston to Mexico because a passenger was Air Drop’ing nude photos to other passengers. The pilot was angry because he had an Android phone and couldn’t see them.

Genealogy technology identified the killer of Stacey Lyn Chahorski, a Michigan woman missing for 33 years, as Henry Wise, a truck driver who died in 1999. His body will be exhumed so hero cops can put handcuffs on his skeleton and perp=drag him to court.

Archaeologists discovered a 31,000-year-old body in Indonesia which, they say, highlights advanced medical knowledge because of its lower-leg amputation. They also believe it shows advanced culinary knowledge because of the recipe they found to cook the leg.

Kanye West said Hollywood is a “giant brothel”, adding that pornography “destroyed (his) family”. Ex-wife Kim was unavailable for comment while being photographed exposing her bare buttocks for the cover of Interview magazine.

Thieves in Brazil stole a parked vehicle after kicking out a naked couple having sex inside it. The vehicle was last spotted several miles away traveling at a high rate of speed with the windows down.

An Only Fans model said she almost died after undergoing labiaplasty to relieve discomfort in her vaginal area. She said she paid $6,000 for the procedure, but made about 50 times that much on Only Fans selling before-and-after pictures.

Philadelphia-area Planet Fitness locations reopened on Monday.  Officials say if a COVID-19 case is traced to one of their gyms, they’ll close. However, if heart attacks are traced back to one, they’ll probably stay open.

Warner Brothers delayed the release of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ once again. The film was expected to premiere in theaters on August 12th, but will likely not be screened for several months – or about as long as Christopher Nolan movie feels like.

KFC is partnering with a Russian company to develop lab grown materials to make 3D-printed chicken nuggets. If it’s succcessful, they’ll move up and print full-size chickens without heads.

Mike Tyson will fight a great white shark as part of Discovery Networks Shark Week. Tyson said his motivation is revenge for the two staffers killed trying to put trunks on the shark.

On Thursday, in honor of National Wine & Cheese Day, a three-liter box of rosé wine paired with a jumbo box of Cheez-Its goes on sale for $29.99.  They say purchasers can expect the combo to result in the palest of pink vomit.

Insiders say Kanye West’s behavior – including controversial statements about Harriet Tubman, abortion, and the Kardashian family – may result in the divorce from Kim that everyone expected six years ago.

Google Maps released a new feature, location data for the nearest place to rent a bicycle. Once you rent the bike, Maps enters 9-1-1 so you just hit ‘Send’ once you get hit by a car.

The CDC added mouth lesions to its list of suspected coronavirus symptoms, which now includes “everything”.

Researchers developed a material called ‘Proteus’, the world’s first non-cuttable material, to be used in bike locks and indestructible armor. It’s made with ceramic spheres encased in cellular aluminum, and inspired by the sirloin special at Texas Roadhouse.

Instagram will let users conduct their own fundraisers. The feature comes after studying hundreds of thousands of comments reading “how much $ to see your boobs?”