Tupperware may go out of business. Executives warn that if they can’t acquire additional funding, the Tupperware party is over.

Three persons were injured when a bounce house went airborne at a New Jersey Passover carnival. Dozens of others watched the house Passover their heads.

Cardi B commented on viral video of the Dalai Lama asking a boy to suck his tongue, saying the world is full of predators, and no one should suck another person’s tongue unless it’s in the Champagne Room of a strip club in exchange for a substantial tip.

A woman in Brazil gave birth in her apartment building’s elevator while standing up. “Hey, could you hit 3?” said a guy standing behind her.

A woman was shot to death while waiting in a Dunkin’ drive-thru in a Philadelphia suburb. Detectives initially investigated it as another coffee-related fatality.

Golfer Jason Day claims Tiger Woods withdrew from The Masters after a screw went through his skin. This marks the first time Woods let a screw keep him from playing golf.

The WNBA Draft took place Monday night, as dozens of women athletes realized their dream of being able to afford leasing a Kia Soul.

Jeremy Renner said his eye popped out when he was run over by a snowplow, adding fans should keep their eye out for his new Disney+ show Rennervations.

A downtown San Francisco Whole Foods closed one year after opening due to rampant crime creating worker safety issues. Local homeless shoplifters are left wondering where else they can steal a pocket full of groceries valued at $200.

A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation claims 1-in-5 U.S. adults has had a family member killed by a gun. The National Rifle Association disputed the findings, saying 1-in-5 seemed low.

Derek Chauvin will not testify in his own defense at his murder trial. Chauvin informed the judge that it was his sole decision, just after his lawyer took his knee off of Chauvin’s neck.

The Chauvin trial jury is now expected to deliberate murder charges for the duration of an elevator ride to the jury room, then take another ride back to the courtroom and announce their conviction.

Democrats introduced legislation expanding the Supreme Court to 13 justices, and a separate bill to add a second Judge Judy who isn’t so mean all the time.

Mercedes-Benz debuted the EQS, its new all-electric car. The EQS has a ‘Power Nap’ mode for rest stops that reclines the seat, darkens the cabin, plays soothing sounds, and wakes up the driver if they’re having a bad dream about being poor.

Scientists have grown hybrid monkey/human embryos that survive up to three weeks in a lab. An unnamed investor is hoping combo monkey/humans can be fully developed so they can staff Amazon Warehouses.

Dr. Dre must find a new lawyer in his divorce proceedings, because his attorney had represented both Dre & his estranged wife in the past. The attorney objected, but the judge overruled his motion to dismizzle.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke off their engagment. During this difficult time, neither asks for privacy.

The WNBA held its annual draft last night. “Really? I missed it.” said multiple players drafted by the WNBA.

A rare condition known as ‘superfetation’ resulted in a British woman conceiving a second child three weeks after first becoming pregnant, then delivering both as twins. She almost achieved superduperfetation, but the twins told a triplet to get lost.

Cuba’s Raul Castro, 89, resigned as Communist Party President. He said he hoped to celebrate with a cigar, but is worried his skin will catch fire.

After closing for a month, Pennsylvania state liquor stores partially reopened for curbside pickup. Their top sellers are vodka, bourbon, and travel mugs for the drive home.

Burger chain Shake Shack returned $10 million it borrowed from a federal government program intended for small businesses, even though they said it was needed to buy extra beepers to cater White House state banquets.

IKEA shared the recipe for its famous meatballs, but people are disappointed they have to sit in a warming tray for two months in order to taste the same as they do at the store.

IKEA also is planning to reopen some of its European stores in May, which means you’ll be zipping through the checkout in June.

The WNBA New York Liberty selected Oregon’s Sabrina Ionescu first overall in Friday’s draft. Ionescu is expected to collect the biggest-ever payday for a WNBA rookie, just as soon as her $1,200 stimulus check arrives.

Google updated its Chrome browser with a new feature called Tab Groups, which lets you merge all of your open porn tabs into one.

Alicia Silverstone said her portrayal of Batgirl in ‘Batman and Robin’ was “not her favorite experience”, since she was body-shamed and called ‘Fatgirl’. She said the only experience worse than making the movie was having to watch it.

New technology in the upcoming Apple Watch 6 may use location data to prevent wearers from being attacked by sharks. It may also be able to alert sharks wearing Apple Watches to locations where swimmers aren’t wearing them.

The White House will use the Defense Production Act to increase the number of cotton swabs needed for coronavirus testing, but that it will take some time for the Q Tips to be rebranded as DT Tips.

The Disney Bedtime Hotline has reappeared so parents putting their kids to bed can hear a special message from their favorite Disney character. Although single male callers are disappointed that Disney Princesses will no longer tell them what they’re wearing.