Taylor Swift released her new album, Midnights, then several hours later released the ‘3a.m. Edition’ of the album featuring seven new songs, after she remembered seven more guys who’d dumped her.

Elon Musk plans to cut 75% of Twitter’s staff if he buys the company, with the rest hanging on by a Twitter thread.

Netflix added a disclaimer of “fictional” to Season 5 of its series ‘The Crown’, which follows the drama of Britain’s Royal Family, after viewer backlash. However, they still refuse to add a disclaimer of “dull”.

Netflix is also planning to film a new Adam Sandler movie with ‘Uncut Gems’ writer/director partners the Safdie Brothers. Right now it’s only referred to as ‘Untitled Adam Sandler Project And NO, Rob Schneider & Kevin James Can’t Be In It.’

Steve Bannon is scheduled to be sentenced today following his conviction for Contempt of Congress. Bannon is expected to fight the sentence, as well as any requests to get his to shave or shower beforehand.

Girl Scouts of America received its largest-ever individual donation, $84.5 million, from Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Said Scott, “now get me the goddamned Thin Mints.”

New York City opened a tent camp to house immigrants bused there by southern U.S. states. The immigrants are unexpectedly finding themselves fighting for tents with NYC residents because they’re nicer than their apartments.

Motley Crue and Def Leppard announced a 2023 World Tour, giving fans in South America and Europe the chance to see & hear for themselves that Vince Neil can’t sing anymore.

James Corden, who’d reportedly apologized for his rude behavior to restaurant servers, now says in a New York Times interview “I haven’t done anything wrong, on any level”. This comes as news to anyone who watched ‘Cats‘.

Fashion house Balenciaga terminated their relationship with Kanye West over his anti-Semitic remarks. However, West is expected to sign a deal with Wrangler jeans, who say if they worked with Brett Favre, they might as well work with this guy.

A husky in Utah named Nikita went on a killing spree on Memorial Day, killing 20 chickens, a duck, two rabbits, a turkey and a goose. The dog is reportedly in police custody and is being interviewed by an FBI profiler.

14-year-old Karthik Nemmani of McKinney, Texas won the Scripps National Spelling Bee, winning by correctly spelling the word ‘koinonia’. His final opponent, 12-year-old Naysa Modi, was eliminated when she was asked to spell Karthik Nemmani.

A study from the Pew Research Center revealed that only 51% of teens use Facebook – and those that do use Facebook mainly do so to keep track of their grandparents.

New research establishes a powerful link between regular cardio exercise, like walking, and a lower risk of dementia. Although doctors said there are exceptions, such as people with dementia walking hundreds of miles away from their house.

President Trump used Twitter to ask why comedian Samantha Bee isn’t being fired for calling his daughter Ivanka a ‘c*nt’. A staffer told Trump that Bee was on TBS, and Trump said he didn’t care what medication she was taking before turning the TV to Fox & Friends.

The mother of a student who died in the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas last month, said that her in-person conversation with Donald Trump was “like talking to a toddler.” The White House responded by reminding reporters that there are lots of stable, genius toddlers.

Viral video shows a ‘gigantic’ moose chasing a married couple playing golf in Park City, Utah. The moose never catches up to the pair as they fled in a golf cart, but the moose remained angry that the man did not give himself a penalty stroke for moving his ball in the fairway.

Netflix plans to debut Cooking On High – the first-ever cannabis cooking competition show. Contestants compete to make the best edibles for a panel of celebrity judges, who wait 10 episodes before the cooks finally get something finished.

Esquire magazine released its list of the 21 Best Bars in America – their annual ruse to get hipsters to flock to them so the rest of us can enjoy drinks in peace elsewhere.

First Lady Melania Trump hasn’t been seen in 22 days. It’s gotten so bad that someone left a new pair of Balenciaga shoes under a propped up cardboard box in the hope of drawing her out and trapping her.

The California Republican Party is angry that the search result for ‘California Republican Party’ included references to ‘Nazism’. GOP Rep Kevin McCarthy said that this is part of a disturbing trend to slander conservatives..and besides, it’s really not nazism, it’s white supremacy.