Danielle Brigoli, now known as rapper Bhad Bhabie, bought a Boca Raton, Florida home in a gated community for $6.1 million. “Cash us putting our homes on the market” said her new Florida neighbors.

Travis Barker reportedly went to the grave of Kourtney Kardashian’s deceased father to ask his permission to marry her. He couldn’t hear the answer, so he rented a backhoe to move him closer.

NBC News is facing backlash after describing current Jeopardy! super-champion Mattea Roach as a ’23-year-old lesbian tutor’. She’s won over $300,000 and tutored multiple women on how to be better lesbians.

A judge in Brazil ruled Apple must pay a man $1,000 for failing to include a power adapter with his new iPhone. The man bought one online at the Apple website, paying $29 for the adapter, and $971 for shipping.

A Waffle House employee created a viral Tik Tok video saying she makes a surprisingly large amount of money working there – enough to pay cash to visit doctors after the free meals, with money left over for ju jitsu lessons so she can break up Waffle House brawls.

NASA’s Mars helicopter spotted what the agency called ‘otherworldly wreckage’ on the red planet. Which, on closer inspection, proved to be unreleased Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis movies.

Twitter admitted overstating their audience figures for the past three years. Twitter users admit overstating their audience for as long as they’ve been using it.

McDonald’s is now stuck with millions of dollars worth of Russian food it can’t use, after a test showed U.S. customers aren’t crazy about Wolf Meat Quarter Pounders.

Apple opened its online Self Service Repair store, offering repair kits, individual parts, and – for a fee – an online chat with the Chinese junior high kid who originally put the device together.

Ozzy Osbourne has COVID – but denies catching it by eating the head of an infected bat.

An 8-year-old brought a loaded handgun to a Philadelphia elementary school. The child explained that they’d missed the bus and needed to jack a ride.

Russia accused Ukraine of conducting an air strike on a military fuel depot in Russian territory. Ukraine is now on the board, but trails in air strikes: 1,056 to 1.

Russian soldiers abandoned their position at Chernobyl nuclear plant due to radiation sickness. Female soldiers were mistakenly thought to be pregnant because they’re glowing.

Walgreens is using robots to fill prescriptions, now that human pharmacists are taking on more responsibilities, such as administering vaccines, and keeping robots from swiping opioids.

Washington DC police found five fetuses in the home of 28-year-old anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy. Asked what they were doing there, Handy said she hadn’t been having much luck starting a family.

Construction of homes along the Schuylkill River in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania has been halted due to a massive influx of beavers. The beavers say their peers have yet to be paid for the work they’ve already completed.

NASA’s Hubble Space telescope detected the farthest star ever seen – Bruce Willis, seated in the last row of the highest balcony at the Oscars.

A low-budget radio station in Missouri is one of only two U.S. carriers of Radio Sputnik – a service offering Russian State Radio to foreign countries. They may stop since lots of people are shutting it off because of the 23 hours of music featuring the Trololo guy.

Anchorman actor David Koechner was charged with misdemeanor DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Whammy!

Actor Jim Carrey said he’s probably retiring, unless a ‘really special’ part comes along – folllowing his commitment to play the lead in Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 & 3.

Leslie Van Houten, convicted Manson Family murderer, had her parole recommendation reversed for a fifth time by California Governor Gavin Newsom and will remain in prison. Someone else will now have to bring potato salad to the Manson Family Reunion.

The United States will issue gender-neutral ‘X’ passports. Bored TSA agents will settle “what’s in the pants” wagers with impromptu pat-downs and strip searches.

After digging trenches to fortify their postition at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, Russian troops are suffering “acute radiation sickness”. Other Russian troops that occupied an abandoned Ukrainian McDonald’s are suffering from “regular sickness”.

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating Google for forcing automakers to include Google Maps navigation with any Android Auto installation. Google is telling the Justice Department to get lost.

The NHL Detroit Red Wings fired Al Sobotka, their Zamboni driver of 51 years. No details were given, but Sobotka was last seen taking a rink sobriety test administered by Michigan Skate Troopers.

Google Search has added a ‘Highly Cited’ label to vouch for quality & accuracy when returning information about a story or topic. They’re considering adding a ‘Highly Aroused’ label to Incognito Mode searches.

Infamous Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse said on a podcast that his repeated calls to President Joe Biden have gone “unreturned…crickets”. A White House spokesperson said Rittenhouse hasn’t been called back because Joe Biden doesn’t have the number for Rittenhouse’s Paw Patrol Phone.

Paraplegic House Rep. Madison Cawthorn said he’s been invited to orgies and watched fellow Congressmen do cocaine. He later admitted to exaggerating, and walked – or, rolled – back his remarks.

A woman was awarded $5.25 million in damages when she discovered she was impregnated with her fertility doctor’s sperm, not the sample she’d selected. The woman recalled thinking it was unusual her treatment included dinner and a movie.

Bruce Willis announced his retirement from acting, just 25 movies after being diagnosed with a cognitive illness.

Bruce Willis and John Travolta are in Hawaii filming bounty-hunter action pic ‘Paradise City’ – the first time they’ve starred in the same movie since ‘Pulp Fiction’, and the first time Netflix has said “no thanks” to a movie idea.

An unruly Delta Air Lines passenger was fined $52,500 for trying to enter the cockpit, punching a flight attendant, and refusing to comply with crew members instructions – specifically, the instruction to stop punching them.

COVID vaccine trials are underway for children ages 5 & under. It’s that shrieking noise you’re hearing.

Florida raised the legal age for smoking & vaping to 21, angering thousands of 20-year-old Florida high school students.

Trainer Bob Baffert is suspended from entering his racehorses in New York State after numerous doping allegations. In other news, Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit entered rehab.

Comedian John Mulaney, who announced he’s getting divorced, is rumored to be dating actress Olivia Munn. Mulaney isn’t losing a wife, he’s gaining 2 or 3 cup sizes.

Some ‘foodies’ are planning to eat BroodX cicadas once they emerge this month. “Come on, man, we haven’t had a vacation in 17 years” say cicadas.

Donald Trump collected $65,000 in pension payments from the federal government since leaving office in January. Which is a lot of money for new golf clubs.

Jaden Smith is partnering with New Balance on the $150 Vision Racer X sneaker. It’s the perfect shoe for 60-year-olds who are inspired by 22-year-olds that aren’t at all athletic.

Joe Rogan said on his podcast that woke/cancel culture will “be the end of straight, white men”. His predominantly straight, white audience agrees, but feels they’ve had a pretty good 500-or-so-year run.

Actor Bruce Willis was kicked out of a Rite Aid pharmacy for refusing to wear a face mask, so he still doesn’t know how much money he can save with his GoodRX card.

Congress is voting to impeach Donald Trump. CSPAN is reminding viewers that this is original content, not a rerun.

Anti-Trump activists are pledging $50 Million to Republicans who support impeachment. Texas Representative Louie Gohmert stepped down and will yield his seat to his long-lost anti-Trump triplet brothers, Hewey and Dewey Gohmert.

After a photo of a lookalike went viral, Chuck Norris’ agent said the actor was not at the January 6th DC riots. Millions of Americans were fooled, and also surprised that Chuck Norris still has an agent.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is investigating how a protected manatee in Florida ended up with the word TRUMP etched into the algae on its skin. Their first step was confirming that it was, indeed, a manatee, and not Chris Christie.

New York City is cancelling all contracts with the Trump Organization. Trump managed two NYC skating rinks, a golf course, the Central Park carousel, and a big-ticket roster of high-priced call girls.

Ellen Degeneres said she found out she’d tested positive for COVID-19 in December while backstage at her talk show. She returned to the show yesterday to find the production assistant who gave her the bad news – and fired them.

General Motors debuted a flying concept car, the Cadillac Halo. Senior citizens are encouraged to get on the waiting list and be the first to crash a Halo in to their garage door.

YouTube took down newly-uploaded video content from Donald Trump and gave his account one ‘strike’, or a 7-day ban. Content moderators say he isn’t quite ready yet for standup comedy.

Gaming company Razer is using vending machines to give away free face masks in Singapore, leading to a 1000% increase in canings to pedestrians who toss them on the sidewalk.

Google is rolling out ‘driving mode’ for the Google Assistant. You can choose from a male Assistant voice that’s pretty sure it knows the way, or a female voice that tells you to just stop at a gas station and ask somebody.

The Department of Justice will charge Google with multiple antitrust law violations, shortly after they finish Googling ‘antitrust law’ just to be sure.

London’s Heathrow Airport is offering one-hour COVID-19 tests to outbound passengers for $104. It’s the second-most overpriced and uncomfortable experience at the airport, right behind the $20 airport breakfast.

All 62 residents at a Kansas nursing home have COVID-19. The bad news is some are really sick; the good news is that the rest might as well get together for the Halloween party after all.

Bruce Willis appears in a new ad for Die Hard auto batteries. The official title is ‘Die Hard With A Bad Alternator’.

A “deepfake bot” on messaging app Telegram is manipulating pictures of clothed women and virtually ‘stripping’ them to create fake nudes. Experts worry about the psychological damage to anyone seeing the deepfaked pic of Queen Elizabeth.

Michigan is recording record firearm sales. They say even self-described Democrats are buying guns, presumably to fire into the air if Biden wins.

Eddie Murphy posed with all of his children together for the first time – thanks to the iPhone’s new super wide angle lens.

‘Tiger King’ star & supposed animal activist Carole Baskin announced that she’s bisexual. A female tiger announced she’s not interested.

Singapore Airlines resumed the world’s longest passenger flight – an 18-hour trip from Singapore to New York. Masks are required for all passengers, and gags are required for small children asking “are we there yet?”