New Zealand will tax agricultural emissions – generated from the dung, urine & burps of cows and sheep – in an effort to curb climate change. Although hiring employees to measure the gas is difficult given the likelihood of comas and death from asphyxiation.

Brett Favre said he’s being “unjustly smeared” for his role redirecting Mississippi welfare funds to a sports facility at Mississippi State University. Favre said he knows a thing or two about unjust smears, having given them with his junk to NFL team massage therapists.

A jury found Infowars’ Alex Jones must pay nearly $1 billion in damages to families of Sandy Hook shooting victims. Jones’ bank accounts are expected to go from a ‘deep state’ to empty.

Two Florida men in separate cars were charged with shooting each other’s daughters during a road rage incident. It’s unclear which car got the good parking spot at Chuck E. Cheese.

Khloe Kardashian told fans she had surgery to remove a small cancerous tumor from her cheek. Since it was her ninth facial procedure, she’ll get the 10th one free.

A Texas family of five was sentenced for storming the Capitol together in the January 6th riots. In other news, Fox News has ordered a sitcom reboot of ‘Party Of Five’.

A Mar a Lago employee told the FBI that Donald Trump ordered him to move boxes from a storage room to his on-site residence. The boxes are alleged to contain classified documents, and a month’s worth of McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces.

Social Security payments will incorporate an 8.7% cost-of-living increase in 2023, the highest such increase in 40 years. Manufacturers of wheelchairs and mobility scooters report a surge in demand for custom rims.

Minnesota resident Travis Gienger’s 2,560 pound pumpkin won the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, Calif. Gienger returned with his prize to his Minnesota home, where 40 punks smashed it in his driveway overnight.

A dromedary camel was walked by his handler in the drive-thru of an In-N-Out burger restaurant in Las Vegas because the camel loves the french fries. However, it left disappointed because they wouldn’t accept payment from the camel’s American Express card.

The Doobie Brothers added 11 new dates to their 50th Anniversary Tour. Tickets are on sale for 3 of them, the other 8 are colonoscopies.

Philadelphia Police say they broke up a drug ring and seized over 80 pounds of methamphetamine. Philly cops called in reinforcements from other departments employing officers capable of lifting over 50 pounds.

The U.S. moratorium on payments & interest for federal student loans has been extended to August 31st, giving college-educated deadbeats another five months to find a summer job that’ll let them sock away $100,000.

August Alsina, the R&B singer who had an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith, released a new song. Fans say that it, too, really slaps.

A gun-sniffing police dog at a Neiman Marcus department store led to the arrest of a man carrying a loaded 9mm pistol and counterfeit $100 bills. The man was also carrying Pupperoni, which he’d used to bribe a different, corrupt, police dog working the store.

Archaeologists unearthed giant stone spheres in the Diquis Delta region of Costa Rica. It’s believed the spheres were used to mark the territories of leaders who, much like today, were the ones with the biggest balls.

Ivanka Trump appeared before the January 6th Commission and answered questions for six hours – five hours regarding the riots, and one hour about nose & boob jobs.

West Virginia University confirmed 93 sheep and a donkey escaped from a pasture at the School Of Agriculture, but were recovered an hour later. Asked where they went, the school’s Dean said they had part-time jobs tutoring West Virgina undergrads.

The Buffalo Bills signed star wide receiver Stefon Diggs to a $104 million four-year contract extension. It’s believed to be a reasonable sum to ask someone to live for four years in Buffalo.

The Weeknd replaced Kanye West as the Day 3 headliner at Coachella, and will temporarily change his name to Jst Sundy.

A French man was kicked off of a Costa Cruises ship after staging what cruise officials called a ‘mutiny’ – leading dozens of passengers in angry protests over cancelled stops in Madagascar and Mauritius. The story was reported by The Telegraph, who spoke exclusively to a talking parrot wearing a tri-corner hat who lives on the man’s shoulder.

  • Costa Cruises cancelled the stop in Madagascar due a bubonic plague outbreak. Carnival Cruises continued service there, saying it couldn’t be worse than their house-brand norovirus on board.

Researchers from Cambridge University concluded that sheep can recognize human faces, according to their study that followed the activity of several hundred lambs on

Schools, libraries and other public buildings are ramping up ‘Active Shooter Training Classes’ to teach people how to react in the event of a shooting. The classes are incredibly popular, except for students who interrupt the simulation to ask “is this going to be on the final?”

Independent science research group Berkeley Earth said that Delhi, India’s pollution is so bad, breathing the air there is the equivalent of smoking 44 cigarettes in a day – making Delhi the hot new vacation destination for frugal residents of the Philadelphia suburbs.

Actress Portia de Rossi detailed her alleged sexual harassment by film star Steven Seagal. de Rossi said that when she met with Seagal, he unzipped his leather pants. Seagal refuted her account, saying he only wears button-fly leather pants.

Comedian/director Louis C.K.’s film ‘I Love You Daddy’ will no longer be released after The New York Times published numerous allegations that Louis C.K. masturbated in front of female comedians. Also cancelled, the film’s sequel ‘I Don’t Love You Like That Daddy’.

Alabama Republican Roy Moore will remain on the ballot for the state’s special Senate election, despite claims from several women that they had sexual contact with Moore when they were in their teens and Moore was in his 30s.  Moore’s campaign also cancelled the release of a long-form election ad ‘I Love You Uncle Roy.’

Apple has promised a software fix to a confirmed iPhone X issue where the screen freezes in very cold temperatures. The bug was reported by penguins, who also complained that any one of their friends could access their phones via facial recognition.

The California chapter of the NAACP passed several resolutions at its state conference, including one to remove The Star Spangled Banner as national anthem. No replacement song was named, although members are rumored to be split between ‘You Don’t Have to be a Star (To Be In My Show) and ‘X Gon’ Give It To Ya’.

Tinder reported a 19% increase in year-over-year revenue thanks to Tinder Gold, its premium service. Male subscribers consider Tinder Gold, at $9.99/month, a real bargain, since many say they’re used to paying up to five times that much to have sex with a woman they don’t know.