Fans were forced to wait four hours huddled in covered areas for the start of Taylor Swift’s Nashville concert Sunday due to lightning & rain, leading to some experiencing blackouts, panic attacks and vomiting. Some moms were unable to get tickets for their daughters, leading to blackouts, panic attacks & vomiting.

A jury began deliberations in the rape trial of Donald Trump, following the judge’s instructions to at least sit down and warm the chairs before returning with their guilty verdict.

The owners of a sandwich shop successfully sued the city of Phoenix to have a large homeless encampment removed, saying they routinely find drug paraphernalia and excrement in front, giving potential customers two more reasons not to eat at Subway.

A Philadelphia restaurant has an entire menu composed of soft pretzels, and an entire dessert menu composed of antacid and laxatives.

Investigators believe a meteorite crashed through the roof of a home in Hopewell Township, New Jersey. Attempts to contact Superman to intercept the meteorite were unsuccessful, since even he doesn’t like visiting North Jersey.

Forte, the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby, was scratched and did not race. Forte entered a rehab facility and requests privacy during this difficult time.

A mother of three who wrote a children’s book about dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one was charged with her husband’s murder. She’s writing a follow-up book where children’s grief turns to anger.

Five Chicago gay bars are boycotting Anheuser-Busch products as the brewer distances itself from a promo partnership with a transgender influencer. An Anheuser=Busch spokesman said losing gays won’t hurt nearly as bad as losing all of the rednecks.

Usher and Chris Brown reportedly got in a fistfight in the parking lot at Brown’s birthday party, in case you were wondering what Usher has in common with Rihanna.

Two violent felons who escaped a Philadelphia prison were marked ‘Present’ by guards at three separate counts after they’d fled. The guards defended their reporting, saying they reported the two present at a nearby Hooters.

Domino’s is now delivering pizza using driverless vehicles. It’s great news for cheapskate losers who don’t want to tip a human driver, but still bad news for anyone having to eat the Domino’s Pizza.

After original panelist Sharon Osbourne left after defending racist remarks by Piers Morgan, ‘The Talk’ returned Monday with what they called “one of their most difficult discussions ever” – whether you’re Team Angelina or Team Brad in their divorce.

The CDC reports 187 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, while warning of an impending shortage of both Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and Captain America Band-Aids.

After another school shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee, administrators closed the school for two days. They advised students to use the free time to pick out body armor and guns for the prom.

Singing star Usher was slammed for reportedly using fake money with his name and face on it at a Las Vegas strip club. He said he only used the fake bills to tip dancers with fake breasts.

The FCC is launching its own Internet speed-test app, in response to Comcast customers who say the company’s speed-test app is just a picture with the word FAST! on it.

A ‘Real Housewives of Nashville’ show is reportedly in the works, featuring female country music performers and wives of others. However, a competing show, ‘Real Dogs, Trucks & Guns of Nashville’ tested better with viewers.

Bianca Belair dethroned reigning champion Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania to claim the WWE title belt, in the first-ever championship wrestling match featuring two black women that wasn’t a Worldstarhiphop video shot in a McDonald’s.

Macaulay Culkin and partner Brenda Song welcomed their first child, son Dakota. Their baby gift registry includes Micro Machines, paint, a blow torch and a rifle.

More than 100,000 viewers have complained to the BBC about their coverage of the late Prince Philip, saying the broadcaster should find pictures and video where you can’t see his teeth.

West Virginia’s Governor authorized a 5% pay raise for teachers, tentatively ending a statewide teacher’s strike. The head of West Virginia’s teachers union hailed it as a right goodly return to book learnin’.

Nashville’s Mayor Megan Barry resigned and plead guilty to felony theft of city funds used to pay overtime to the head of her security detail, with whom she was having an affair. “I took money from the city, but you took felony theft of my heart” she sang on an open mic stage surrounded with chicken wire as beer bottles cascaded from the crowd.

The Food and Drug Administration approved 23andMe’s in-home genetic test kit for breast cancer.  However, women are being warned of 36andMe, a scam run by high schoolers saying they’ll run the test for half price after you send them pictures of your breasts.

A Federal Trade Commission study said that millennials are more likely than senior citizens to fall for online scams. A different study said that most online scammers are frustrated because millennials don’t have any money, and senior citizens can’t open the scammers’ emails.

Usher and his wife are separating. Insiders say she asked if he gave herpes to that girl suing him, and he said “Yeah!”.

Actress Rita Moreno attended the 2018 Academy Awards in the same dress she wore in 1962 when she won an Oscar for her performance in West Side Story. She said the biggest surprise was finding a note in the pocket from then-10-year-old Harvey Weinstein telling her to come to his hotel room that night.

President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser Gary Cohn resigned on Wednesday, leaving Melania Trump panicked wondering how much credit she has left on her Neiman Marcus card.

A wild otter attacked a 77-year-old woman kayaking down a Florida river – sending her to the hospital for facial stitches and rabies treatment. Authorities say this is the latest in a series of otter-related Yakjackings.

An Australian woman found the oldest known message in a bottle, dating back nearly 132 years after it was thrown from the German sailing ship ‘Paula’. Historians translated the note, an angry complaint wondering what happened to the pizza they’d ordered via bottle-message several weeks earlier.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady discussed the recent Super Bowl defeat on his Facebook show ‘Tom v. Time’, saying the loss was a chance to teach his three kids a valuable lesson about things not always turning out the way you want. He said he talked about it with them as they played Drop in the backyard.