Two million dimes were stolen from the back of a tractor trailer in Northeast Philadelphia in late April. Police are questioning a couple who’ve spent the last three weeks living in a grocery store lobby next to the Coinstar machine.

38 televisions were stolen from the back of a tractor trailer in Northeast Philadelphia. In other news, two recent parolees announced the grand opening of a sports bar.

Twitter Blue users can now upload two-hour videos. Twitter Blue user Kirk Cameron logged on to Twitter to premiere his new crappy movie about God or something.

A woman was asked to step on a baggage scale before boarding a small commuter plane to the U.S. because workers doubted her claim of weighing 130 pounds. She was indeed overweight, but was allowed to board after removing her buttocks.

Mexico City airports were shut down due to ash spewed from an active volcano. Airlines operating out of Mexico offered to remove balloons full of drugs from passenger’s rectums until they could be rebooked.

Former WWE wrestler and actor John Cena said he was a hypocrite for making fun of former WWE wrestler and actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s movie career. Cena plans to move on and make fun of The Rock for trying to make the XFL happen.

Taylor Swift told an audience at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts she’s “never been happier in her entire life”. She then put away the piece of paper showing how much money she’s made from the Eras Tour and continued singing.

A woman went into labor in the parking lot of the Taylor Swift concert at Gilette Stadium. She gave birth at a local hospital, but still owes $75 in fees to Ticketmaster for bringing the unborn child to the venue.

Iam Tongi of Hawai’i is the newest winner of American Idol. He wins $250,000, a recording contract, and a mention every six months in Katy Perry’s social media posts to remind everyone who he is.

Kim Kardashian talked about her “parenting challenges” raising four children – mostly remembering the names and fees of the eight nannies.

Retired NBA player Iman Shumpert and partner Daniella Karagach won Season 30 of Dancing With The Stars, beating out favorites Jojo Siwa and Jenna Johnson – showing America prefers interracial couples to two women together.

A fan attacked wrestler Seth Rollins during a WWE Raw televised match at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. A spokesman for WWE said they’re reconsidering future ‘Bring Your Own Folding Chair’ Nights.

Actor Eddie Redmayne said his Oscar-nominated lead role as a transgender woman in The Danish Girl is one of his regrets, adding a trans actor should have played the part. But look for The Danish Girl Again, starring Edna Redmayne.

Chrissy Teigen revealed she had an eyebrow hair transplant, saying the hardest part was getting the hairs pulled from her upper lip.

Many families are asking relatives to get COVID-19 tests before Thanksgiving gatherings. Many dysfunctional families are asking relatives get COVID-19 so they can cancel Thanksgiving gatherings.

NASA announced a delay in the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope due to an “incident”. Speculation is swirling that the incident is James getting caught pointing it at a woman’s bedroom window.

Good Morning America host Michael Strahan accepted Jeff Bezos’ invitation to ride on a Blue Origin rocket, just as soon as they finish cleaning the seat up after William Shatner.

The United Nations is warning that Afghanistan’s financial system is on the brink of collapse, with 1 out of every 3 households lacking a single goat to pay for goods and services.

Author Gigi Gatewood said she and her husband always forget their actual wedding anniversary, so they celebrate it on Black Friday. Gatewood makes the day special every year by promising a special Bedroom Doorbuster.

Taylor Swift’s 10-minute ballad ‘All Too Well’ became the longest song to hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. However, Daniel Powter’s ‘Bad Day’ still holds the record for #1 song that feels like it lasts 20 minutes.

Samantha Ramsdell of Connecticut – who shares videos stuffing whole sandwiches in her mouth – is now recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the Woman with World’s Largest Mouth. Guinesss named 2 billion other women runners-up.

Molson Coors is discontinuing 11 budget beer brands, including Keystone Ice, Miller High Life Light and others. They still plan to make the beers, but label them as Sweatsock-Flavored Hard Seltzer.

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, who is vaccinated against COVID-19, announced he has a ‘breakthrough infection’ of the virus. This surprised observers who assumed Graham’s next breakthrough infection would be bathhouse gonorrhea.

The CDC added 16 destinations to a list of places with “very high” likelihood of COVID-19 transmission, including Greece, Ireland, and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Crossfit gym.

A woman on a Cape Cod, Massachusetts beach fought off an approaching coyote with a stick before she was rescured by a fisherman. The woman thanked the manufacturers of ACME sticks, whose products reliably foil coyote attacks.

A couple bought a Skippack, Pennsylvania farmhouse and found a colony of 450,000 bees living in the walls that had been there for an estimated 35 years. The bees were moved to a farm, where they’re glad they don’t have to pay property taxes anymore.

Rapper DaBaby apologized for inflammatory anti-gay remarks he made from the stage at the Rolling Loud music festival. He says it’s about time he started acting like DaGrownup.

Wrestling legend Ric Flair has been released from his contract by promoter Vince McMahon’s WWE. Flair now requires a chair lift to get to the top of the turnbuckle.

Jeff Bezos is no longer the World’s Richest Person after his net worth dropped $13.5 billion due to an Amazon share price drop amidst disappointing earnings. Bezos, for now, yields the title to Some Other Arrogant Asshole.

New York City restaurants will require proof of vaccination before diners will be seated indoors after waiting an hour to sit next to the restrooms.

New Jersey is building its second offshore wind farms, just as soon as local crime bosses have enough bodies to fill in the giant underwater concrete pylons.

Colon cancer rising in young adults because of sugary drinks. The Surgeon General declared a Mountain Dew Code Red.

Florida condominium owners are debating selling their units in the wake of the Miami Surfside collapse. They’re worried about sharp drops in both value and altitude.

Over 180 people nationwide were killed by guns over the July 4th weekend. Chicago is considering cancelling next year’s fireworks and just scheduling a firefight.

Wildfires in the U.S. are so bad, even Hawaii is experiencing one. It’s a California wildfire on vacation.

Pope Francis is hospitalized following colon surgery, to fix an irregularity discovered by an altar boy.

Black TikTok’ers are on strike since Juneteenth and not creating dances, because they say they’re tired of white TikTok’ers stealing them and getting credit. In other news, the most popular dance on TikTok since Juneteenth is the Macarena.

WWE superstar wrestler Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI, driving with a blood alcohol level of .205. Uso failed a field sobriety test, he was asked to hit the arresting officer with a folding chair and missed.

Monday marked Aphelion Day, when Earth is at its farthest point from the Sun. Fearing the added distance will diminish their tan, Jersey Shore beachgoers put their chairs on cinderblocks.

Britney Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph resigned, saying he believes Britney wants to retire from singing. He came to the conclusion after listening to Britney sing.

Domino’s is now delivering pizza using driverless vehicles. It’s great news for cheapskate losers who don’t want to tip a human driver, but still bad news for anyone having to eat the Domino’s Pizza.

After original panelist Sharon Osbourne left after defending racist remarks by Piers Morgan, ‘The Talk’ returned Monday with what they called “one of their most difficult discussions ever” – whether you’re Team Angelina or Team Brad in their divorce.

The CDC reports 187 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, while warning of an impending shortage of both Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and Captain America Band-Aids.

After another school shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee, administrators closed the school for two days. They advised students to use the free time to pick out body armor and guns for the prom.

Singing star Usher was slammed for reportedly using fake money with his name and face on it at a Las Vegas strip club. He said he only used the fake bills to tip dancers with fake breasts.

The FCC is launching its own Internet speed-test app, in response to Comcast customers who say the company’s speed-test app is just a picture with the word FAST! on it.

A ‘Real Housewives of Nashville’ show is reportedly in the works, featuring female country music performers and wives of others. However, a competing show, ‘Real Dogs, Trucks & Guns of Nashville’ tested better with viewers.

Bianca Belair dethroned reigning champion Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania to claim the WWE title belt, in the first-ever championship wrestling match featuring two black women that wasn’t a Worldstarhiphop video shot in a McDonald’s.

Macaulay Culkin and partner Brenda Song welcomed their first child, son Dakota. Their baby gift registry includes Micro Machines, paint, a blow torch and a rifle.

More than 100,000 viewers have complained to the BBC about their coverage of the late Prince Philip, saying the broadcaster should find pictures and video where you can’t see his teeth.

A 104-year-old Minnesota woman recovered after a bout with coronavirus. Details of her treatment were not revealed, but it’s believed the virus choked to death on the dust.

Google and Apple are collaborating on a smartphone app where users self-report exposure to coronavirus to enable contact tracing. Tinder and Match are collaborating on their own similar app, to enable contact banging.

Walt Disney World is furloughing 43,000 employees, and is now the Emptiest Place On Earth.

Mossimo Giannulli – co-defendant with wife Lori Loughlin in the college admissions scandal – berated a guidance counselor who questioned whether his daughter was a college-level rower. It’s believed to be the first time someone has questioned the expertise of a guidance counselor.

Smoking pot makes users more susceptible to lung damage from coronavirus. Experts advise the best way for them to stay safe is to stay inside, alone, and smoke pot – which they’re pretty okay with.

A female zebra in Kenya mated with a donkey and gave birth to a rare ‘zonkey’. In a related story, a male zebra in Kenya filed for divorce.

Ronda Rousey said she quit WWE Wrestling because of the ungrateful fans. WWE fans want her to return so they can properly hate her back.

Dallas Cowboys stars Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott appeared to violate stay-at-home guidelines, attending a birthday party rumored to have 30 people at Prescott’s home. No arrests were made, but they may face penalties for too many women in the huddle.

One of the nation’s largest pork processing plants is closing due to a rash of employees infected with coronavirus, and pigs social distancing.

Theater chain AMC is reportedly in bankr talks – but not until after the movie.

With more & more large corporations and government agencies approving employees working from home, AMC & Regal movie theaters announced they’ll be adding more matinee showtimes.

Levi’s and Nintendo are partnering to launch Super Mario-themed apparel, including Mario’s signature blue denim overalls. However, fans are angry because they don’t fit anyone over three feet tall.

Walmart confirmed a coronavirus case in one of its stores – local health inspectors called it the 19th-most scary disease they found there.

A Florida couple still stuck aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship filed a $1 million lawsuit over Princess Cruises’ handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Princess Cruises said they plan to remove the bench where they lawyer had been advertising.

Rob Gronkowski is reportedly close to signing a deal to appear at WWE pro wrestling events. For now, he’s doing intense studying to meet WWE’s exacting standards for athlete intelligence.

A New Jersey 7-Eleven store owner faces multiple charges for selling homemade hand sanitizer that gave four children first-and-second degree burns. The concoction was a mix of a commercial hand sanitizer, water, and 7-Eleven coffee.

McDonald’s is expanding its lineup of Big Mac sandwiches, adding a Big Mac with just one beef patty and another with four. The one-patty sandwich is called the Little Mac, and the four-patty sandwich is called Half of Donald Trump’s Lunch.

A study from Yale researchers found consumption of artifical sweetener sucralose, along with high-levels of carbohydrates, may raise blood sugar in healthy people to dangerous levels. The study followed a group of people who like putting Splenda on french fries.

Microsoft and its security partners announced the March 10th takedown of the Necurs botnet – believed to be responsible for up to 90% of the world’s email-distributed malware. In other news, the Trump 2020 campaign reported a 90% drop in donations on March 10th.

Starbucks is testing a new fully recyclable, compostable, paper coffee cup.  For its part, Dunkin is testing a new coffee that you can pour into your compost heap to make the worms work faster instead of drinking it yourself.


Lucky’s, an organic grocery store in the midwestern U.S., announced that it’s closing most of its stores. Since it’s organic, their inventory will liquidate itself in a day or two.

Disney CEO Bob Iger apologized and pledged a donation after a licensing arm charged a PTA meeting $250 for showing a DVD of The Lion King at a ‘Parents Night Out’ fundraiser. To avoid Disney conflicts, the PTA announced next month’s DVD will be Naughty Night-Call Nurses 13.

Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian company with aggressive plans for global expansion, announced 500 layoffs. A spokesperson for the workers said “..wait…what?…”

A UCLA analysis concluded that coffee had a “strong and consistent protective association” with prevention of colorectal and uterine cancers; adding the protective effects are achieved by drinking it, not by pouring it in, or near, those organs.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards annouced that he quit cigarette smoking in October, and that he now looks and feels like a 98-year-old.

A study of hospital emergency room visits in 2018 claims 3,800 people sought medical help for pizza-related injuries. They include finger lacerations with pizza cutters, mouth burns, and DDUI – the second D is for Domino’s .

Pregnant WWE wrestlers Nikki and Brie Bella revealed they both conceived their babies in the same place, and – after a lengthy explanatory discussion from their ob/gyn – in pretty much the same way.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is refusing to refund the $32,000 paid by a family who cancelled a cruise to Asia over coronavirus concerns. Norwegian offered the family credit to use on a different cruise where they can contract norovirus and the flu instead.

Finley, a golden retriever in Canandaigua, New York is able to fit six tennis balls in his mouth without any human assistance. The dog’s owners are being bombarded with inquiries about talk show appearances and to see if he has a Grindr profile yet.

Antarctica temperatures hit a record 65 degrees. It’s so warm, penguins are giving seals buzz-cuts.


U.S. Customs in Minnesota seized almost $1 million in counterfeit one-dollar bills in a shipment from China. Later that day, Minneapolis police arrested a Chinese guy who had been in a strip club for 10 straight hours. 

A Florida daycare worker was fired after sending a child home with “Mom, I’m out of diapers” written on his chest & stomach in marker. She then flipped the child over and saw “and would it kill you to send some snacks for the workers?” on his back. 

Mattel is releasing “its most diverse Barbie dolls yet”, that are bald, have skin conditions, prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs. They’re only sold in packages of two so they have someone to play with. 

The written ‘Question & Answer’ portion of the Trump Impeachment Trial commences Wednesday afternoon. So far the top questions are “Can we speed this up?’ and ‘What’s for lunch?’

Jakila Taylor, an 18-year-old Florida woman, was arrested at her high school and charged with luring a man to a robbery after meeting him on Plenty of Fish. Taylor was also stripped of her presidency of the Young Entrepreneurs club. 

Louis C.K. performed a surprise set at a benefit show in New York and was greeted with a standing ovation. He then asked the women in the audience if it was okay that he, too, get visibly excited. 

A Tokyo company has been ordered to pay Nintendo $450,000 for operating an unlicensed service where tourists drive Mario Kart-like karts in game character costumes on city streets. They also face multi-million dollar lawsuits from drivers injured after spinning out on turtle shells and banana peels. 

Billy Joel’s Long Island home was burglarized over the weekend. 12 of his classic motorcycles were damaged, and his liquor cabinet was emptied into a 40-foot cargo container. 

WWE wrestlers Nikki and Brie Bella are both pregnant, with due dates less than two weeks apart. Although they may choose to induce delivery on the same day via body slams. 

Unscrupulous sellers are already attempting to capitalize on the death of Kobe Bryant by selling counterfeit Kobe memorabilia. Experts say shoes and jerseys are the hardest fakes to spot; hockey sticks are the easiest. 

The NBA held its 2019 Draft on Thursday night, coinciding with Vogue Magazine’s 2019 Worst Dressed List release party.

An early-morning petroleum refinery explosion in South Philadelphia was felt for several miles. Residents are thankful it happened in between gas explosions at dining areas of Pat’s and Geno’s steaks.

Industry experts say cannabis sales could reach $15 billion globally in 2019 – or, $50 over $15 billion if your friend’s buddy comes through.

Lindsay Lohan signed a record deal with Casablanca Records – free download codes for her new album are expected to hit yogurt containers in 2020.

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Margaret Josephs was honored for her contributions to the Englewood, NJ community – by staying out of it.

A benign cyst was found on retired WWE diva Nikki Bella’s brain – surgeons worked several hours detaching it with blows from a folding chair.

Outside of Hollywood dining hotspot Craig’s, a shirtless ‘Ivan Drago’ lookalike Russian in boxing shorts & gloves challenged Justin Bieber to a fistfight. It’s the kind of Russian interference every American supports.

CBS News is exposing a scam where counterfeit surgical screws were placed in the backs of spinal fusion patients in Southern California. Patients describe their suspicions when told their surgery would take place in the storeroom of Ace Hardware.

A Samsung exec told the crowd at an event in Seoul that the months-delayed folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold is “ready to hit the market!” He appeared alongside executives from Dollar General and Big Lots.

Google responded to a Wall Street Journal report that there are millions of fake business listings in Google Maps.  Users reportedly drove for hours trying to find Mike Hunt Subaru and Mike Hunt Mini Cooper dealerships.