Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider experienced a ‘breakthrough’ case of COVID-19, and believes he caught it from his wife taking their grandchildren to Disney World, citing lax mask and vaccine enforcement. “We’re not gonna take that!” screamed Goofy.

ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill passed away unexpectedly at age 72. Insiders expect an open casket, and every girl looking at him to be crazy about him.

Celebrity sommelier Caleb Ganzer was arrested for setting fire to outdoor dining structures and garbage in Manhattan. Ganzer would set small fires, see if he liked them, then make a bigger fire in the same spot.

Children have discovered how to fake a positive COVID-19 test by dripping juice or soft drinks on the swab in order to get out of going to school. Although some kids have been rushed to hospitals for emergency cancer treatment after tricking the test using Mountain Dew.

A TripAdvisor reviewer gave a Marriott resort in Mexico a one-star review after watching a crocodile drag a woman into the ocean. Fellow guests rescued the woman, and the crocodile gave the resort a five-star review.

Men digging a well in Sri Lanka unearthed a 2.5 million carat sapphire cluster worth $100 million. In other news, Kim Kardashian announced her engagement to a Sri Lankan ditch digger.

Restaurants across the country are starting to require proof of vaccination for indoor dining. Arby’s is not requiring proof of vaccination, but is requiring diners sign a liability waiver.

Athletes & celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ronda Rousey and Michael Phelps shared messages of support for Simone Biles who withdrew from some Olympic events to focus on mental health. Meanwhile, baristas are stepping away from drink orders to focus on their mental health and getting immediately fired.

Police say a Parisian jewel thief was able to escape on an electric scooter because starstruck pedestrians were distracted seeing Jean-Claude Van Damme in an adjacent shop. Van Damme stuck around to report a stolen electric scooter.

Infomercial pioneer Ron Popeil passed away at age 86. No funeral was announced, but what if I told you there was a second funeral, and all you pay for is shipping?

Novak Djokovic was disqualified from the U.S. Open Tennis Championships after unintentionally hitting a female linesperson in the throat with a ball. Remaining players that Djokovic would have beaten thanked her for ‘taking one for the team’.

Scientists say COVID-19 may cause prolonged gut infections and gastrointestinal distress, which is why they suggest changing the name from coronavirus to chalupavirus.

A black man detained while jogging in Deltona, Florida because he fit a suspect description was released and was even offered a job at the sheriff’s department. He declined, because the job was detaining random black men.

Nintendo is celebrating Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary with rereleases of several classic games. Mario is also celebrating – dumping Princess Peach for someone a lot younger.

According to unnamed workers, Disney is understating the number of positive COVID-19 cases at its parks. They’re also frantically searching for a mouthpiece long enough to put Goofy on a ventilator.

‘Beverly Hills 90210’ actor Brian Austin Green – currently separated from wife Megan Fox – bought a preschool teacher’s entire Amazon Wishlist of essential school supplies. “I didn’t order a webcam and lingerie” she said when she opened the box.

U.S. dentists are seeing an epidemic of cracked teeth during the pandemic. They cite increased tooth grinding from stress, and couples finally settling their lockdown differences with fistfights.

Facebook is offering a select group of users $120 to deactivate their accounts at the end of September through the November election. Then they need to figure out how to convert the dollars to rubles.

Paris Hilton claims in a new YouTube documentary about her life that she was physically and emotionally abused at a Utah boarding school. However, her roommates say the same thing about having to listen to her sing and DJ.

Facebook has stopped Alain Cocq, a 57-year-old French man, from livestreaming his dying days from an incurable illness. Mark Zuckerberg justified the action, saying there are plenty of other sites where you can see sick Cocqs.

Researchers found evidence that the longest snake native to North America is breeding in the wild in Alabama – where it’s attached to a redshirt freshman for the Crimson Tide.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly “still reeling” from Harry & Meghan’s royal exit. They’re apparently overwhelmed having to pick up the slack telling Harry & Meghan’s servants which chores to do.

The Chinese market designated ‘Ground Zero’ for the deadly Wuhan coronavirus reportedly sold wolf, rat, snake, and other exotic meat. Vendors defended the practice, saying it’s all antibiotic-&-cage-free.

Shanghai Disney theme park is closing over the Lunar New Year holiday because of the epidemic, saying they couldn’t find face masks big enough for Goofy & Donald.

New York City is reportedly planning to ban cashless businesses. They say the city’s panhandlers are starving to death trying to collect money with Venmo.

A 51-year-old Massachusetts woman was arrested for pooping eight separate times in the parking lot of a sporting goods store. Police spotted her defecating out the door of her SUV, then moved in. Cops are calling it “the worst stakeout ever.”

Retired MLB star Alex Rodriguez joined Anheuser-Busch as a co-owner of the beer maker’s Presidente brand. Like A-Rod, the brewer is expected to repeatedly lie about what’s in it.

Uniontown KOA in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Region as named KOA’s 2020 Campground of the Year. It was praised for its modern amenities, and for being next to a nice hotel where you can stay instead.

An Outback Steakhouse in Oregon is testing video surveillance to monitor server interaction with customers, speed of food delivery, and how much spit is in the Bloomin Onions.

Two women – a doctor and a reality tv star – are opening a new vaginal rejuvenation clinic in Philadelphia. The grand opening is today, after months spent on necessary steps like getting a cheesesteak vending license and hazmat certification.


Actress Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet had to be rescued when they became lost kayaking in Sweden. Garner thanked her rescuer, known only as ‘Mattias’, and expressed her regret over divorcing Batman at a time like this.

‘The Bachelorette’ Becca Kufrin selected Garrett Yrigoyen over Blake Horstmann, and Yrigoyen proposed marriage on the series season finale.  Becca dismissed Blake, saying she believed there “was a better fit” for them out there. She told Blake she will keep his naked selfie in her active file and contact him if another suitable position opens up.

CVS announced it will offer $59 video-enabled ‘Telemedicine’ sessions via its smartphone app. Users will be able to contact a medical professional 24 hours a day, although the hours of 1a.m – 5a.m. will just be CVS janitors declining unauthorized oxy-contin refills.

Delta Airlines announced it’s rolling out a three-course meal and wine option for its economy passengers, saying it will “feel dining at a favorite restaurant”. That’s true if your favorite three-course restaurant meal is served inches away from a snoring stranger,  and two of the three courses are pretzels.

Avocados as large as a human head, dubbed ‘Avozilla’, have arrived in Australia. They’re the equivalent of 20 regular-sized avocados, which is convenient for prepping large batches of guacamole. On the downside, a dozen people have sliced off their forearm removing the pit with a machete.

Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, a 35-year-old alleged kingpin in the MS-13 drug gang, complained to a judge about poor conditions in the New York county jail where he’s being held. Diaz said he gets death threats and isn’t allowed to use the phone, comparing his surroundings to having a day job in the Oval Office.

According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll, 79% of African-American voters say race relations have deteriorated since Donald Trump became president. The other 21% asked for clarification as to what “race relations” meant.

Disney Store is launching a toll-free “Sleep Shop Hotline” that kids can call to receive one of five messages from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy.  Minnie asks if they’ve brushed their teeth and Goofy talks about his fun day with Mickey. A sixth message–Scrooge McDuck asking kids what they’re wearing–was nixed.

Business Insider released a list of the most-Googled ‘money related terms’ in each state. For instance in California, it was ‘cryptocurrency’; in New York, it was ‘health insurance’; in Mississippi, it was “sell my goat”.

The Harris Poll ranked the social media apps that respondents found “hardest to break away from”. The winner? Facebook, which 49% of respondents named. Facebook was only declared the winner after Harris Poll-‘ers told men that, technically, Pornhub isn’t a social media app.


Southwest Airlines bumped a family of four from their flight to Disneyland after receiving complaints from other passengers that the children had lice. The claims turned out to be false, but Southwest managed to retain its reputation for lousy service.

President Trump responded to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s claims of having a functioning ‘nuclear button’ on his desk, by tweeting that he has a bigger button, and that his button works. Anonymous insiders, however, dispute this, saying Chief of Staff John Kelly replaced the Nuclear Football with a vintage Playskool Busy Box painted black.

The Oakland Raiders are under fire for allegedly skirting the Rooney Rule – bypassing minority candidates in advance of hiring Jon Gruden as their new head coach. The Raiders denied this, bringing in NFL legend O.J. Simpson for an interview as proof.

Archaeologists found an ancient cave in China containing 45,000-year-old tools, as well as a carved note from one caveman to another asking when he planned on returning the sharp rock he borrowed.

Roku is launching its own voice assistant to compete with Siri and Alexa. Although at this point it’s only capable of answering “How the f*** do I switch HDMI inputs?”

The Trump Administration is easing fines and penalties that can be brought against negligent nursing homes – great news for the White House nurse who’s been swapping breath mints for dementia meds.

Coachella announced its official 2018 lineup – the festival will be headlined by Beyonce, Eminem, the Weekend, and drugs.

2018 marks the beginning of legal recreational marijuana sales in California, evidenced by the number of visitors to Disneyland asking Goofy ‘you holdin?’

McDonald’s debuts its new Dollar Menu on Thursday. It’s called the 1-2-3, with items priced at one, two and three dollars. Taco Bell is sticking with its current dollar menu, which customers know as the 9-1-1.

A 31-year-old Virginia woman reported missing by her fiancee was found dead inside of her home, in what local police are calling “suspicious, but, like, the easiest search we’ve ever done.”