Indianapolis Museum of Art President Charles Venable resigned, after writing an insensitive job description for a new Director to “maintain their traditional, core, white art audience”. Residents of Indianapolis responded “.. we have an art museum?”

Tim Tebow is retiring from professional baseball after playing five seasons in the minor leagues. He plans to start a family with his wife once they figure out where babies come from.

Disneyland reopened the former Rainforest Cafe, vacant since 2018, as a Star Wars store. It’s been open several days, and park police have already arrested several Sand People for stealing droids.

Amidst power outages and freezing temperatures in Texas, Senator Ted Cruz was blasted for traveling to Cancun, Mexic – giving Texas; other Senator, John Cornyn, the distraction he needed to drive to Ft. Lauderdale and judge a wet t-shirt contest.

Facing proposed laws requiring social media platforms to pay news sites, Facebook blocked Australians from posting news articles. So good luck finding those cute baby kangaroo photos.

Gwyneth Paltrow said she is recovering from COVID-19, and still has symptoms like ‘brain fog’ and fatigue. However, she’s hopeful the healing jade egg she sells on Goop for $300 to stick in your vagina will work as advertised.

Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday, on ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ Day. “You’re welcome” said God.

A newlywed couple in South Korea were shocked to learn the Grand Josun Hotel sauna’s mirrored wall let other guests see them naked from the outside. Guests who paid to look in the sauna were shocked there wasn’t a better-looking couple in it.

Fourteen people in a Philadelphia suburb were arrested for illegally distributing 31 guns. Cops call it illegal firearms trafficking, defendants called it the best ‘Secret Santa’ ever.

Demi Lovato said she suffered three strokes, a heart attack and vision loss following a drug overdose. She also said her music has surged in popularity among nursing home residents, since they have so much in common.

The International Olympic Committee’s longest-serving member, Dick Pound, said he believes the IOC has three months to decide if the COVID-19 virus is controlled, or the Tokyo Olympics must be cancelled. He then fielded a half-hour of questions about his gay porn name.

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program he’s “dead right” that the COVID-19 virus is “the common cold”, but is being weaponized to take down Donald Trump. Noting his advanced cancer, his critics said they, too, hope Limbaugh is “dead, right?”.

The jury has been released following the conviction of Harvey Weinstein on two sexual assault charges, and most are now receiving counseling for the PTSD they’re experiencing from having to look at photos of Weinstein nude.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is stepping down immediately, to be succeeded by Disney Parks CEO Bob Chapek. “How many f***ing times are they going to pass me over, Minnie?” squeaked a long-time employee.

The FDA is accusing sandwich chain Jimmy John’s of serving vegetables linked to E.coli and salmonella outbreaks. Company officials said they’ll do a better job convincing customers that vegetables have no place on sandwiches.

A 61-year-old woman who said she never drank showed high levels of alcohol in her urine and was diagnosed with “auto brewery syndrome”, where yeast in her bladder fermented. She’s debating between treatment, or continuing to sell Shirley’s Small-Batch IPA for $20/pint.

A Tokyo man shared the story of Nintendo replacing his 95-year-old mother’s broken Game Boy handheld which hasn’t been made since 2003. Nintendo found a brand new one in a warehouse, and the woman played it until her death at 99 when she was struck by a turtle shell.

The U.S. has begun testing a coronavirus vaccine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and boy is that goat tired of needles.

Michelle Janavs – heiress to the Hot Pockets fortune – was sentenced to 5 months in prison for her role in the College Admissions Scandal. It’s the longest frozen food prison sentence since the racketeering takedown of the notorious Totino’s Crime Family.

Struggling retailer GameStop is trialing three new “concept stores” at locations in Oklahoma, designed to be less focused on game sales, and more focused on social interaction. All three are Starbucks.


Amazon updated Ring doorbell software so you can request that video not be shared with police departments. You can also refuse a request from neighborhood punks for video of you stomping out a flaming bag of dog poop with your new wingtips.

Golf Monthly released its list of Best Drivers for 2020. Categories include Distance, Game Improvement, and Easiest To Snap Over Your Thigh.

An elementary school fundraiser had to pay $250 of their proceeds to Disney because they collected donations before playing a DVD of The Lion King. The money was collected by a leather-jacketed Mickey Mouse holding a 3rd grader against a brick wall.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom was given to Rush Limbaugh, who announced he has advanced lung cancer, which means Trump will be able to take his medal back pretty soon.

“Yes, I’ll continue to hold” said Bernie Sanders after 30 straight hours on hold with the Iowa Democratic Party I/T Help Desk.

A man dragging 99 smartphones in a red toy wagon tricked Google Maps into thinking he was creating huge traffic jams. He also created several road rage fistfights among Big Wheel-driving toddlers while he blocked the sidewalk.

A cannabis company co-founded by Whoopi Goldberg, which marketed medical marijuana to women dealing with menstrual pain, is shutting down. She’s starting a new medical marijuana company for women dealing with menopausal boredom.

Google will sell its augmented reality headset, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for $999. However, it comes with a warning to cash-rich nerds that you still won’t be able to see through women’s clothing.

To replace a young boy’s teddy bear lost on a flight over the Thanksgiving holiday, Southwest Airlines replaced it with a new teddy bear dressed like a Southwest employee. The bear tells lousy jokes, gets union-mandated breaks every two hours, and tells the boy he needs to lose weight if he wants to fly Southwest again.

The mother of a six-year-old daughter named Alexa wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos, saying her child’s life has been ruined by jokes about the digital assistant. Bezos responded with a recommendation that the woman start calling her kid something different, like Toots.