Space debris from a Chinese rocket will fall to Earth, but nobody knows where. Experts believe it will land in a body of water, because that’s typically where you find a Chinese junk.

An armed suspect took hostages at a Wells Fargo bank in Minnesota. He was arrested, but only after bank employees got his name and created three checking accounts he didn’t ask for.

56-year-old Paulina Porizkova’s full-frontal-nude Vogue magazine cover was unretouched. Although in many cases it has been smeared by older men purchasing their first-ever copy of Vogue.

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli reportedly stayed at a luxury resort following their release from prison, according to the maid who had to clean the toilet where they made wine.

Of all the new retail stores opening in the U.S. this year, half will be dollar stores. If a $15 national minimum wage is passed, they’ll be dollar-fifty stores.

Google Photos’ free unlimited photo storage ends on June 1st. In response, Apple is reminding users that it will continue free unlimited photo deletion whenever you try to backup iCloud.

The Hollywood Reporter claims producers are workign on a Black Superman movie. The villain is unnamed, but everyone’s pretty certain it’ll be a white guy with dreadlocks. [story h/t to J.M.!]

Doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia discovered a new disease that prevents the formation of antibodies in humans. It’s an antivaxx Mommy blog started by a patient’s mother.

Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner are building adjacent mansions outside of Los Angeles. This way, it’s easier for Khloe to cry on Kris’ shoulder when one of her boyfriends cheats on her.

A new study finds sharks use the earth’s magnetic field like a compass during long-distance migrations. However, when hungry, they prefer to ask other sharks for directions to the nearest swimmer they can eat.

Donald Trump was reportedly sicker with COVID-19 last fall than the public realized. Doctors considered placing him on a ventilator, and nurses said he was so weak, they couldn’t feel him grabbing their pussies.

Diabetes drug semaglutide shows unprecedented results helping patients lose weight from weekly injections. However, once injections stop, patients gain weight, so doctors are figuring out how to deliver the drug in cheeseburgers.

Paulina Porizkova, estranged wife of dead Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, said she was left completely broke because he wrote her out of his will. “You might think I have grocery money..” she told her friends.

Chappelle’s Show returned to Netflix after Comedy Central agreed to pay Dave Chappelle millions in royalties. Meanwhile, Rob Schneider sitcom Rob! remains off Netflix, despite Schneider agreeing to pay $13.99/month to subscribe.

Convicted felon Lori Loughlin requested federal officials return her passport, so she can leave the country and visit Hawaii.

Actress Brie Larson posted a YouTube video ‘My Morning Routine’. Her routine consists of a series of stretching exercises in a swimsuit, and getting ogled by thousands of creeps.

Tennis’ Australian Open once again banned spectators, after 13 cases of COVID-19 were traced to a Holiday Inn in host city Melbourne. Fortunately, no elite tennis players would be caught dead, or sick, at a Holiday Inn.

Due to COVID, the U.K. economy suffered its worst setback since 1709, when the Great Frost killed off a substantial portion of the population, and the introduction of scones killed even more.

The Houston Texans agreed to release All-Pro defensive tackle J.J. Watt. “Watt?!” said players still stuck on the team.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene allegedly had an extramarital affair with a tantric sex guru who calls himself “The Tantric Warrior”. The revelation is surprising those people finding out tantric sex gurus exist in suburban Georgia.

After a bombardment of criticism for faking a Spanish accent, Hilaria/Hillary Baldwin announced she’s taking a siesta from social media.

Home health care workers in Germany received COVID-19 vaccines containing five times the normal dosage. They claim the mistake hasn’t yielded any adverse side effects, other than rage-induced super strength.

Reality TV star D’Andra Simmons is hospitalized with acute COVID-19 symptoms, and can be seen in upcoming episodes of Bravo’s ‘Real IntensiveCareWives of Dallas’.

The Washington Football Team released quarterback Dwayne Haskins, making him Unemployed Football Individual.

Lori Loughlin was forced to isolate for the last two weeks of her prison sentence due to a COVID outbreak – time she used to write a first draft of holiday movie ‘Jail Alone’.

Anime film ‘Demon Slayer’ became Japan’s highest-grossing movie ever. If you want to know what it’s about, ask your weird 36-year-old cousin who still lives with his parents.

Google removed the wide-angle astrophotography function from its Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phones without explanation. It allowed users to take photos of stars in the night sky, and of their neighbor’s dimly-lit upstairs bedroom.

Archaeologists in Pompeii discovered a ‘termopolium’, or street-food stand, predating the destruction of the city by Mount Vesuvius. Wall paintings depicted the menu items, and let customers know that guacamole would be a little extra.

Demi Lovato posted a swimsuit photo on Instagram, with her stretch marks painted over in gold glitter. Fans praised her show of body positivity and determination, since the picture required two trips to Hobby Lobby for more glitter paint.

The state of Maine reported 7 new COVID-19 deaths, but said they can still be eaten with lemon butter after a thorough boiling.

Donald Trump signed the trillion-dollar COVID relief and government funding bill, but promised a line-by-line edit of the 5,000 page bill to reduce wasteful spending. In other news, Barron got two boxes of red ink pens in his stocking.

The World Health Organization claims a new mutant strain of supergonorrhea is on the rise during the pandemic. They recommend limiting its spread with condoms or genital distancing.

Investigators concluded the Nashville bomber killed himself when his RV exploded, but it was still more fun than most camping trips.

Masked Singer host Nick Cannon and partner Brittany Bell welcomed a baby girl, Powerful Queen Cannon. If it was a boy, they’d have named him either Powerful King Cannon, or Floyd.

Airlines may require travelers in 2021 to present a “vaccine passport”. Spirit Airlines may let passengers board the plane, then vaccinate themselves with needles other passengers leave behind.

Health officials warn nose-picking is contributing to the spread of COVID-19. They reiterate the importance of washing your hands prior to picking anyone’s nose.

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide the case of a 9th grade girl who was suspended from cheerleading for a year for posting the f-word on Snapchat. Before the court rules, Chief Justice John Roberts asked “why the f**k are we even hearing this case?”

Sarasota, Florida was named The Best Place To Retire in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report. It was also named The Easiest Place To Chase Down A Meal by Alligator Dining magazine.

Actress Lori Loughlin was released from prison, before a live captive audience.

Philadelphia residents are encouraged to drop their natural Christmas tree at a local farm, where goats eat it. The goats ask that you just drop off the tree and leave, since they’re tired of talking about what went wrong with the Eagles.

A Russian oligarch called “Sausage King” was killed with a crossbow in his home sauna during a robbery. The first detective arriving on the scene guessed Professor Plum, with the carving knife, in the sauna, and lost the game of Russian Clue.

Lori Loughlin began serving her two-month sentence. She’ll remain in isolation for two weeks, then head straight to wardrobe for the now-sold-out prison Christmas Pageant.

Researchers believe Neanderthals and early humans were at war for over 100,000 years, as evidenced by newly-uncovered Neanderthal flags reading “Make Eurasia Great Again”.

Humans infected with COVID-19 take up to six months to develop immune cells to fight the virus. The immune cells would work faster, but they say it’s not like humans have any big plans anyway.

NASA sent commands to the Voyager 2 unmanned spacecraft – 11 billion miles from Earth – for the first time since its radio & antenna hardware were upgraded. Voyager 2 successfully replied “New phone who dis?”.

Researchers studying 900 of Van Gogh’s letters think he suffered from bipolar and borderline personality disorder, and delirium from alcohol withdrawal. One letter from his brother read “thanks for wrecking Thanksgiving dinner AGAIN, Vince”.

Many states have restrictions against apparel bearing campaign slogans at voting places. One exception is Mississippi, where you get the VIP treatment if you wear both a shirt and pants.

Beverly Hills, California is mobilizing its entire police force to combat Election Day violence. Critics say it’s unnecessary, and will actually contribute to crimes from people who just want to ride in the back of a Bentley patrol car.

A developer purchased Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida residence for $18 million, but plans to tear it down and build a new mansion. He’s giving Donald Trump and Bill Clinton thirty days to get their stuff out.

Electronics maker Wyze introduced a new high-definition video camera that costs just $20. It received Editors Choice awards from tech website CNET, and from the editor of Creepy High School Janitor magazine.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda, imprisoned for six years on gang-related charges, was denied Shparole.

An executive at the Centers for Disease Control said they’ve “never seen morale this low” as Trump confounds their COVID-19 efforts; then added hope that a totally new killer disease comes along to distract everyone and cheer them up.

A grizzly bear mauled a hunter to death in an Alaska state park. Late in the 3rd quarter of 2020, the Bears still trail the Hunters, 57-1.

Microsoft Teams is enhancing its virtual workplace environments, adding breakout rooms, virtual coffee shops, new backgrounds – and empty offices where coworkers can have cybersex.

Time Magazine released its 2020 list of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. Once again, Carrot Top did not make it.

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine made it to Phase 3 clinical trials. They’re calling it ‘No More Ventilators’.

41 razor blades were placed on playground equipment in a Michigan park, in a deliberate attempt to cause harm to children. Officials say this has caused only a slight increase in monkey-bar-related lacerations.

Garmin released new ‘rearview radar’ devices for bicyclists, designed to alert them when cars are approaching from behind. Future models may add cameras so the coroner can see which car ran you over.

Disneyland Resort in California is opening a community COVID-19 testing site. For $100, you can have breakfast and your choice of Snow White, Ariel or Cinderella will stick a cotton swab up your nose.

Convicted felon Lori Loughlin will get to serve her upcoming two-month sentence at a prison of her choice. She’s currently deciding between a minimum-security facility, or the waiting room at the Los Angeles Department of Motor Vehicles.

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli will be sentenced today for their guilty pleas in the college admissions scandal. They’re hoping to get into country club prisons after sending the judge six-figure checks and photos of themselves playing golf.

The Centers for Disease Control released a study of ‘youthful behavior’, claiming U.S. teens are having unprotected sex, driving drunk and vaping. The study’s authors said it was the most fun they’ve had gathering data.

An alligator was photographed grabbing a golf ball with his mouth at Idlewild Golf Course in Patterson, Louisiana. He was removed for not wearing a collared shirt and pants.

Three states – Montana, West Virginia & Kentucky – will pay an extra $100 to bring weekly unemployment benefits to $400. The states agreed to the extra funds following an intense lobbying effort from meth dealers.

New Era Cap company withdrew its naming sponsorship of the Buffalo Bills stadium. With no current sponsor, they’ll call it Bills Stadium in September and October, and Frostbite Field after that.

A Philadelphia company is being sued by Pennsylvania’s attorney general for selling Purell hand sanitizer for $75 on the Amazon Marketplace. “Yeah, but what about the FREE shipping?!” replied their lawyer.

Germany is considering a law forcing dog owners to take their pups on two one-hour walks each day. Dog owners believe it’s excessive, as do dogs, who are worried about burning out sniffing so many butts and peeing on hydrants.

The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded Donald Trump had business partners in Russia tied to organized crime and human trafficking. They added it was pretty easy to make the connection, since the business was named Trump Humans.

Google Maps is updating their app with boundary lines for wildfires, which will also tell you how far it is to the nearest exploding gas station.

Thom Brennaman – broadcaster fired from his jobs with the Cincinnati Reds and Fox Sports – wrote in an op-ed for the Cincinnati Enquirer that he didn’t know the word “fag” was hate speech. He plans to start an organization promoting tolerance, which he’ll name the C*cksucker Foundation.

Donald Trump issued a pardon for Susan B. Anthony, who was convicted for illegally voting. He extended the pardon for Anthony appearing on dollar coins that he confused with a quarter, and for not being all that hot looking.

The Ellen Degeneres Show told three executive producers to be kind to one another, and that they’re fired.

Prosecutors seek prison time for Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli after their guilty pleas in the college admissions scandal. Their attorney counters they’ve suffered enough, having sold their $18 million mansion and moved into a $9 million one.

Fans are petitioning Disneyland to rename the resort’s Carnation Cafe to honor the cook who worked there for decades and retired. The petition asks that the eatery be renamed the Carnation Cafe Microwave.

An LAX passenger service agent rated celebrities she’s assisted. Robert Pattinson, Dakota Johnson & others received high marks. Receiving a 2-out-of-10 was Nicki Minaj, who refused to deplane until it was empty. Minaj said she didn’t refuse, her ass was stuck between the armrests.

Baghdad recorded its highest temperature ever on Tuesday, 125.2 degrees. It’s so bad, suicide bombers are strapping themselves to air conditioners.

Vanity Fair magazine published a first-person account of Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, saying it was straight out of the 70s, with red velour and beds everywhere. And for every trip, flight attendants had to stock it with all-new Barbie dolls.

Virginia’s Department of Health released COVIDWISE – the first COVID-19 exposure app for smartphones. Your profile pic has to to be of you either wearing a mask or a ventilator.

The Great American Outdoors Act authorizes $900 million per year to improve national park facilities – and $4 billion per year to fix the smell in national park restrooms.

A 61-year-old Utah man threw his wife into a river after they argued over dinner plans. After his arrest on assault charges, she looked at his wet clothes and asked “that’s what you’re wearing?”

The Big 10 and Pac 12 athletic conferences announced they won’t play football in Fall 2020 – leading to a panicked emergency Board of Directors meeting of the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl.

Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, and will finally get to know what a part-Indian, part-Jamaican woman’s hair feels & smells like.

In a Tuesday radio interview, Donald Trump called NBA players “very nasty” and “very dumb” for kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice – adding that he’s cancelled his plans to throw out the first pitch at an NBA game.

Laid-off hospitality workers protesting the lack of extended unemployment benefits set up makeshift soup kitchens outside the offices of Senators opposing $600/week payments. “I’ll have a large chicken noodle” said Mitch McConnell.

In a different interview Tuesday night with Sean Hannity, Trump once again railed against windmills, mourning birds that die because of them – presumably from cancer.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys are asking that she be moved out of solitary confinement, since it’s pretty hard to recruit teen convicts to give massages if you can’t talk to them.

A Chick-fil-A employee in Florida shared a ‘secret’ dessert item that combines their fresh fruit cup, soft-serve ice cream, and a milkshake. Customers are impressed, but still get the large waffle fries instead.

Six Jersey Shore beaches are under a swimming advisory because of high levels of fecal bacteria in the water. Local sharks admit they’re to blame for scaring swimmers.

Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin downsized from their Bel-Air mansion to a newly-constructed 11,758 square foot home. Instead of a fitness center with rowing machines, the new house has its own prison cell for home confinement.

A broken cable tore a 100-foot hole in one of the world’s largest telescopes, located in Puerto Rico. Crews estimate it will be several months before Puerto Rican scientists will once again be able to peek through the windows of Florida bathrooms.


Ghislaine Maxwell is being held in a Brooklyn jail under 24-hour surveillance, and forced to wear paper clothing. When reporters asked how she was doing, her lawyer said she’s “pretty torn up.”

The NFL’s Washington Redskins have agreed to change their name to something less racist, so you can rule out Washington Presidents.

Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – known as the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ – tested positive for COVID-19. It’s assumed the 150 people in the song & dance number accompanying her test are also at risk.

A Super Mario Bros cartridge sold for a record $114,000 at auction. Its value dropped to about five bucks after the buyer blew in it.

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli sold their Bel-Air mansion. It reportedly sold for considerably less than the $28 million asking price, because the buyer really wanted that rowing machine.

As more Americans cut grains from their diets, Chipotle plans to test cauliflower rice, just as soon as they can find cauliflower with enough E.coli in it.

NBA players are complaining about the food while they resume the season at Disney World, and are also complaining that they aren’t getting any phone numbers at the daily Princess Breakfast.

Bristol Palin shared a photo with Zach Towers, a Texas roofing contractor. She hasn’t confirmed that they’re officially a couple; Palin usually only does so after she’s had the baby.

A dog in Texas tested positive for coronavirus. Health department officials are frantically contact tracing other dogs’ butts.

Donald Trump reportedly considered selling the island of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria since he thought it was already liquidated.