Twenty-two people were injured when an SUV crashed in to a New York City restaurant. The hostess ignored it for a half-hour because the driver didn’t have a reservation.

The late Pope Benedict’s last words were reportedly “Jesus, I love you” … only he said it to a naked 17-year-old boy standing at his bedside.

Southwest Airlines was hit with its first lawsuit for not providing refunds after cancelling over 15,000 flights. Passengers rejected Southwest’s initial offer of peanuts.

An 87-year-old Philaelphia woman was struck in the shoulder by gunfire while celebrating New Year’s Eve on her front porch. She’s now earned her place as the oldest living member of the Philadelphia chapter of the Crips.

The House of Representatives failed to elect Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, the first time in over 100 years a Speaker was not elected on the first ballot. McCarthy received only 203 of the required 218 votes needed. Adding insult to injury, 10 votes were received by Deez Nutz.

A 77-year-old man was rescued after becoming stuck in a drive-thru car wash when he hit the accelerator and the car flipped on its side. He was treated for minor leg injuries and hot wax inhalation.

Accused Idaho Four murder suspect Bryan Kohberger waived extradition and was scheduled to return to Idaho Wednesday morning. As of Wednesday afternoon he was still handcuffed in the Southwest boarding area after two flights were cancelled.

Drew Barrymore said the one actor who could convince her to return to acting is Adam Sandler, or someone else with a convincingly big enough check.

Sharon Osbourne revealed that daughter Kelly has welcomed a baby boy, Sidney. They wanted to keep the name at two syllables so Grampa Ozzy has a fair chance at remembering it and saying it right.

A ‘bomb cyclone’ is expected to cause a major flooding event in large parts of California, making real estate even more expensive since more of it will be waterfront.

A South Carolina man died of a heart attack while burying the girlfriend he’d killed, in what’s commonly known as a South Carolina Murder-Suicide.

Scientists grew plants in soil collected from the Moon for the first time. Then the NASA cleaning lady forgot to water them so they had to start over.

The first war crimes trial since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in Kyiv. The start of the trial was delayed since the Russian defendant found out his first-choice lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, was dead.

President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, died at age 73. A lottery will be held to decide which of his wives attend his funeral, where one will give a eulogy – 80% of which will be time spent saying his name and title.

Kelly Osbourne is pregnant. She’s letting her father Ozzy suggest names, so it’s Jurmuhf for a girl and Mobiffruh for a boy.

Production begins soon on the sixth installment in the Scream horror franchise, tentatively titled Scream 6: Hoarse.

Tom Brady signed a staggering $375 million, 10-year broadcasting deal with Fox Sports to provide commentary during NFL games. Fox also inked Rob Gronkowski to a lesser deal to provide commentary during Women’s Jell-o Wrestling.

Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski told an interviewer why Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan weren’t asked to reprise their roles for the Top Gun sequel, explaining that he saw recent pictures of Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan.

China’s Mars rover discovered water existed on Mars more recently than experts believe – after the rover got stuck in a water-filled ditch.

Before helping convicted murderer Casey White escape an Alabama prison, accomplice/corrections officer Vicky White purchased sex toys. Lucky for her, Alabama prison stores sell sex toys.

A box of human heads intended for medical research was stolen from a truck in Denver. Police are offering a $2,000 reward – or, about fifty bucks a head.

The United States ranks 18th in global rankings solving Wordle puzzles; experts blame teen boys who repeatedly guess BOOBS.

Nintendo halted online purchases in Russia. Princess Peach is expected to remain Bowser’s captive for several more months.

Visa, MasterCard & American Express have ceased Russian operations, leading to long-awaited VIP status for Russians with lousy credit scores using prepaid debit cards.

NBC Networks cancelled drama ‘Ordinary Joe‘ after one season. The network said for Joe to be truly ordinary, he needed to get dumped before we really got to know him.

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne are moving back to the U.K. Ozzy wanted to live in a place he could spell.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is engaged. And boy are his fiance’s wrists sore.

A missing Florida woman was found dead in her septic tank. Her handyman was arrested for murder, and investigators are amazed at the power of her toilet’s flush.

A Comcast executive in Pennsylvania is running for Congress, hoping to find a job that pays him to do even less than he’s doing now.

Pet retailer Chewy invested heavily in Bed, Bath & Beyond, with plans to make it Smelly Bed Bath & Beyond.

Elon Musk confirmed that some monkeys died while testing his Neuralink brain-implant chips. Although the monkey’s surviving mates believe they were murdered because the chips made them smarter than Elon Musk.

Joe Biden is expected to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first black woman Supreme Court justice. Jackson, in turn, is expected to nominate Biden as the first old white dude at her cookout.

Dancing With The Stars professional Cheryl Burke filed for divorce from husband Matthew Lawrence, citing irreconcilable differences, and the two being out-of-step.

Aaron Rodgers was seen with Shailene Woodley. Though no longer engaged, the two remain Friends With Huddles.

India banned 54 Chinese smartphone apps over security concerns, including TikTok. Indian officials say if citizens want to watch housewives sing and dance, they can watch Bollywood movies.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle say they stand with the people of Ukraine…in the backyard of their California mansion.

John Mayer tested positive for COVID-19. Several groupies have bodies that are a wonderland, but can’t taste or smell.

New strains of bird flu have been detected in the U.S., reinforcing the misguided beliefs of Southern U.S. COVID deniers who say vaccines & masks are “for the birds”.

Hank The Tank, a 500-pound black bear blamed for dozens of home break-ins in the California mountains, may not be at fault based on DNA evidence collected by wildlife officials, and by raccoons who have been granted immunity for their testimony.

The View’s Joy Behar said on the show she’s worried the Russian invasion of Ukraine might impact her Italian vacation. Whoopi Goldberg then tagged Behar on her way out of suspension, as Behar tags in.

Sharon Osbourne, who was fired from her own daytime show, The Talk, said she would never go back because producing network CBS “sucks big-time d**k”. She was accompanied by husband Ozzy, who’s now interested in CBS.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson tested positive for COVID-19. Twenty Eagles fans called in to local sports talk radio demanding that he be fired.

TMZ reports Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying to ‘save’ their relationship – for at least 13 more episodes.

A salmonella outbreak in 35 states has been tied to red onions from California, with possible cross-contamination to white and yellow onions. The FDA has issued its first-ever ‘hold the onions’ order.

A Florida man bought a new $140,000 Porsche with a fake check he printed on his home computer. He was arrested a day later trying to buy Rolex watches with a different check, and is now waiting for a friend to print a check for bail.

Walmart now has ‘health ambassadors’ stationed at the front of stores in an attempt to enforce their rule requiring face masks – and their lesser-known rule requiring shoes and pants.

Tom Brady posted a photo to Instagram that showed he still uses an iPhone 6. Brady has yet to comment, but it’s probably difficult to move all that video of other team’s practices to a new phone.

A&E Network will premiere ‘Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne’ on September 7th. The production took years to film, and more years deciphering what Ozzy was saying.

An Australian company is now selling a vodka infused with extreme hot sauce, Bunster’s Sh*t The Bed Infused Vodka. Drink it and you’ll be three sheets to the wind, and two sheets to the garbage can.

Pro wrestling twins Nikki and Brie Bella welcomed baby boys within a day of each other, after each tapped out of the birth canal.

Chinese automaker Kandi plans to introduce a low-cost electric car, the K27, which will retail for around $20,000. However it has a range of just 100 miles, and uses 500 AA batteries.


California legislators took the next steps to pass a law allowing college athletes to make money off of their name and likeness, which currently violates NCAA rules. College athletes like the law because it doesn’t say anything about having to attend classes.

Walmart is rolling out a subscription service for unlimited grocery delivery – provided all you want is soda, chicken fingers and potato chips.

Researchers found that standing desks offer no meaningful health benefits. They say the main advantage of a standing desk is alleviating temporary discomfort – but that workplace discomfort can also be alleviated by quitting.

Comedian Artie Lange announced he’s seven months sober and out of rehab. A judge told Lange to keep his nose clean, and Lange replied it should be easy, since there isn’t much of his nose left.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was released from prison, where he served eight months for tax evasion. He’s now Mike “The Probation” Sorrentino.

Sharon Osbourne showed off her latest facelift on the season premiere of ‘The Talk’. Ozzy would get a facelift, but he has a hard enough time talking out of the face he has.

The New York Times alleges 2018 Triple Crown winning horse Justify failed a drug test before winning the Kentucky Derby. Since winning the Triple Crown, Justify has also become more difficult to deal with and walked out of an intervention.

A new company is selling “Granny Pods” – a one-person modular home for grandparents you can put in your backyard with enhanced safety and medical monitoring features. And even though it’s close, you don’t have to visit.

The Cleveland Browns banned the wrong fan from future games for throwing beer on a Tennessee Titans player after Sunday’s home opener. The Browns lost 43-13, so thousands of fans banned themselves from upcoming home games.

Amazon opened up Alexa Answers, crowdsourced responses to questions that previously stumped Alexa, such as “where to bats go in the winter?”; “what is cork made of?”; and “why am I such a loser that I spend most of my time talking to an appliance?”.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is ending death penalty executions in the state. Death row inmates in triple-occupancy cells are invited to enter an HGTV redesign contest to convert the Injection Chamber to their own room.

Delta Airlines CEO says they plan to offer free wifi on flights next year. They say they can offer it for free because it won’t work.

Rosie O’ Donnell said that she was sexually abused by her father. Presumably a long time ago.

Philadelphia Police responded to a call in the city’s Fairmount Park where they found a dead horse and, surprisingly, chose not to beat it.

Newly proposed legislation in Georgia would create a 24-hour “waiting period” for men who wish to buy porn or sex toys. If signed in to law, you’d still be able to buy used porn and sex toys from your friends.

A New Jersey teen overcame homelessness and has been accepted to 17 different colleges. He hasn’t decided which one he’ll attend, but says a lot depends on how nice it is living outside of the dorms.

A straight Texas couple who identify as a gay male couple are expecting a baby boy. The baby will either be delivered via c-section or imaginary penis.

The twin-turbocharged 900 horsepower engine on the planned 2020 Chevy Corvette is generating so much power, it’s bending the frame on test vehicles. Corvette enthusiasts reacted to the news by asking if they can get a red one.

Jack and Sharon Osbourne announced that Ozzy Osbourne – hospitalized from flu complications – is back home and resuming normal activities. They’re happy to see him mumbling at the refrigerator door and biting the heads off of household pets.

A study finds that lesbian and bisexual women are more at risk for obesity. The study looked at tens of thousands of lesbians and well, that’s about it.