James Pfaus, a researcher writing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, identified the three types of female orgasms, which he calls a ‘wave’; an ‘avalanche’; and a ‘volcano’. His female lab assistant claims that there’s a fourth: the ‘real one’.

Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman shared a back-to-school photo of her octuplets starting eighth grade. They’re hoping this is the year they learn about birth control in health class.

Disney Plus reportedly banned an episode of popular Australian animated kids show ‘Bluey‘ because it depicted dog characters farting. Disney Plus execs also deleted a farting scene showing severe concussions to co-workers of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

New Zealand police are investigating after children’s remains were found in suitcases purchased at an online auction. The suitcases also contained a note written by an adult excited about saving money on airfare for a family trip to Hawaii.

Mariah Carey filed documents with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to own the title ‘Queen Of Christmas’. Opponents are demanding a public hearing, mainly to see if Mrs. Claus shows up.

Kanye West angrily defended his Yeezy clothing collaboration with Gap, which requires shoppers to go through bags on the floor stuffed with the clothes to find their size. West said it’s the only way to ensure women bend over while shopping.

A new study finds podcast listening among Latino Americans has slowed post-pandemic, with many disappointed in the lack of Spanish-language content. In other news, Spotify announced the premiere of the Senor Jose Rogano Experiencia.

Famous basketball announcer Dick Vitale announced that he’s now cancer-free; although in true Vitale fashion it took him five minutes of non-stop talking to say so.

Four teenagers were shot at a birthday party in North Philadelphia. They told investigators they began to worry when the pinata broke open and bullets fell out.

Two men died in Florida after eating oysters tainted with vibrio bacteria. Said the restaurant owner: “shucks”.

Colorado’s Marshall wildfire has expanded to 6,200 acres, leading to the posthumous rerelease of little-known John Denver song ‘Rocky Mountain Hot‘.

Speculation is growing that Ghislaine Maxwell will try to cut a deal with prosecutors seeking to charge other acquaintances of Jeffrey Epstein, so long as she doesn’t leave them hanging.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared racism a “public health emergency”, but denied the request of thousands of New York bigots trying to claim disability benefits for the disease they’re spreading.

A new analysis finds the J&J COVID vaccine is 85% effective preventing hospitalization, and 15% effective making people lying in ICUs wish they’d gotten Moderna or Pfizer instead.

Singer Grimes posted a baby-bump photo, sparking rumors that she’s once again pregnant after another test launch of Elon Musk’s rocket.

Heather Rae Young, new wife of ‘Flip Or Flop’ star Tarek El Moussa, documented her fertility process on social media. El Moussa is taking a brief break from fixer-uppers to focus on knock-er-uppers.

Orlini Kaipara of New Zealand’s News Channel 3 became the first-ever network news anchor with face tattoos – securing the milestone after Mike Tyson failed an audition to take over for Chris Cuomo on CNN.

The people of Spain mark the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve with a tradition of eating 12 grapes for good luck – though others just chug wine, the equivalent of a couple hundred grapes.

Male officials of Jordan’s Parliament brawled after a session debating amending the constitution to explicitly recognize female citizens. No one was hurt, because they threw punches like girls.

Blackberry devices will lose call, data & text functionality as of January 4th. So if 2002 calls to ask for its cell phone back, you won’t be able to answer it.

Paris Hilton married Carter Reum in Bel-Air. The Internet was temporarily broken due to the surge of “A Reum In Paris” jokes.

Lawyers for a Capitol rioter had to mute his microphone in court since he was audibly complaining about jail conditions, including medical care, food, and the lack of other hot-looking rioter-cellmates.

A McDonald’s worker shared a viral video about a 6,400 item order – 1,600 McDoubles, 1,600 McChickens, and 3,200 cookies – she had to prepare in just four hours. The total cost was $7,400, and Barron Trump still had a terrible birthday party.

Congress is mandating anti-drunk-driving technology for new cars, and multiple lawmakers said they plan to personally test how well it works during the next recess.

An Antarctic penguin made it to New Zealand, 2,000 miles from its home continent. A local man rescued the penguin, saying it was “tired, hungry, and swearing never to use Apple Maps again.”

The Wisconsin judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was criticized for making a joke about Asian food delivered to the court, saying he hoped it wasn’t stuck on a freighter in California. “That’s my time” he then said before introducing the next judge.

Winter, a dolphin outfitted with a prosthetic tail, who was the inspiration for the film A Dolphin Tale, died at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Mourners shared their memories of Winter and her porpoise-driven life.

Johnson & Johnson will separate in to two companies – pharmaceuticals, and consumer products – each one a multi-billion-dollar Johnson.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson said the gyms he works out in are so dirty and old, he urinates in old plastic bottles because there aren’t any bathrooms. In other news, a dozen bodybuilders were sickened by bottled energy drinks at The Rock’s gym.

The death toll from Travis Scott’s Astroworld rose to nine people – matching the advance ticket sales from Color Me Badd’s upcoming Colorworld Festival.

Subway sandwich shops may be selling fake tuna fish, after a testing lab could not confirm the species of fish being sold as tuna. Apparently, tuna are just like millions of sandwich-loving Americans who wouldn’t be caught dead inside Subway.

White House First Dog Champ Biden passed away over the weekend. Surviving First Dog, Major Biden, asked for privacy during this difficult time so he could lick his own testicles.

Father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children and legendary douche Scott Disick appeared on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians Reunion to answer why, at age 38, he’s dating a 20-year-old. Said Disick “because I can”.

Sprinter Usain Bolt and girlfriend Kasi Bennett welcomed twins, Saint and Thunder, who join older sibling Olympia Lightning. Usain & Kasi are unsure whether they’ll have more kids, or whether Bolt will disable his nuts.

Laurel Hubbard, a 43-year-old transgender female, will compete on New Zealand’s Olympic weightlifting team in Tokyo. Hubbard, who transitioned in 2013, wants to prove something to everyone who thought she didn’t have the balls.

Amazon kicked off its annual Prime Days sale. Competitors are creating their own online shopping events, with Target launching Deal Days, and Walmart holding their Hooray You Don’t Have To Actually Set Foot In Walmart sale.

The Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA, opening the door for student-athletes to receive “education-related compensation”. Football & basketball coaches immediately started interviewing academic tutors who are also exotic dancers.

American Airlines is reportedly cancelling flights because of a labor shortage. They say additional workers are needed. or else passengers will wait up to three hours for checked bags instead of the traditional 90 minutes.

Sesame Street introduced a gay couple for the first time. “Introduced? We’ve been here 40 goddamned years!” said Bert & Ernie.

Protesters at the Palm Springs unveiling of a 26-foot-tall statue of Marilyn Monroe, claimed it’s exploitative because it shows Monroe’s underwear, recreating a scene from The Seven-Year Itch. They also claim it’s unnecessary to have a statue of John F. Kennedy next to it, staring up her skirt.

Drinking a strong cup of coffee a half-hour before exercise has been found to increase fat-burning. Drinking the same coffee during exercise increases mouth-and-skin-burning.

Demi Lovato says in her new documentary that she used crack, which presumably began during filming of her Disney Channel movie ‘Camp Rock’.

Prince’s Paisley Park estate will commemorate the 5th anniversary of his death by allowing a small number of guests to come in and view his ashes, but they won’t be told how they were made purple.

Joe Biden’s dogs Major & Champ returned to the White House following their completion of discipline training – although every Republican Senator voted against their reappointment.

California’s Hope Of The Valley mission will use a $500,000 donation from Alex Trebek’s estate to help fund a new homeless shelter. Categories include “What’s That Smell”?; ‘Where’s My Stuff?’; “Who Are You?”; and “Potpurri”.

Jay Leno apologized for past jokes that offended Asian-Americans. Larry the Cable Guy apologized for jokes that offended the intelligence of everyone who heard them.

Model Chrissy Teigen deleted her Twitter account, which had grown to over 13 million followers. She posted “Live well, tweeters. Please know all I ever cared about was you.” To which her husband and two children replied “huh?”

Discount grocer Aldi is giving employees four hours of paid time off to get COVID-19 vaccines, but they have to bring their own syringe and needle.

Pepsi and candy maker Peeps are collaborating on new Peeps-flavored Pepsi drinks. They’re calling it ‘Pepsi x Peeps’, after rejecting alternate names such as ‘Peepsi’, ‘Liquid Type 2’, and ‘Gorilla Glue For Your Teeth’.

New Zealand will now require employers offer three days’ paid leave after miscarriages – which is both a compassionate step at a difficult time, and the latest foolproof way to fake your way to a long weekend.

Yahoo released its first Yahoo-branded smartphone, called the Yahoo ‘How Do I Return This & Get an iPhone’ Phone.

Walmart is temporarily removing guns & ammo from displays to prevent violence in the event of ‘civil unrest’ — meaning election results, or someone shooting their way out of the store with a newly stolen Xbox or PS5.

New Zealand voters approved euthanasia, but rejected recreational marijuana, in two separate referendums – disappointing terminally ill residents wanting to be stoned to death.

A winning $3 million scratch-off lottery ticket was sold at a Rite Aid pharmacy outside of Philadelphia. The pharmacy then announced they’re out of OxyContin for the near future.

McRib is returning to McDonald’s restaurants nationwide for the first time since 2012. It arrives December 2nd, to give people enough time to rest up after post-election riots so they can fight for one.

Apple One subscription bundles are available today. It costs $14.95/month and includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and bring-your-own arrogance & entitlement.

Kylie Jenner and friends posted Halloween party photos dressed as the Power Rangers. “May the force be with you!” she captioned the pics.

Kanye West’s 40th birthday present to wife Kim Kardashian West was a talking hologram of her father Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003. “Kim I’m so proud of you. So, what’s your stepdad Bruce up to?” asked hologram Robert.

A California patient is the first recorded case of simultaneous flu and COVID-19 infection. “Yeah, me too!” said their co-worker calling in sick for the next two weeks.

Researchers discovered table salt can break down the outer layer of COVID-19. So be sure to put some salt in your bleach before ingesting it, said Doctor Donald.

Amazon, Target & Walmart all kicked off big two-day sales. Amazon has Prime Day, Target has Deal Days, and Walmart has Dig Up That Coffee-Can Cash In The Yard Days.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he “won’t walk away from” the COVID-19 outbreak no matter who the President is. Instead, he’ll fly to New Zealand.

Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson both paused their COVID-19 vaccine trials because a participant became ill. Newly-immune Donald Trump volunteered to donate his plasma, but the patients said they don’t want herpes.

Employees of iconic Hollywood landmark Chateau Marmont say the hotel has a “toxic, drug-fueled culture”. Not surprisingly, guests rate Chateau Marmont as Los Angeles’ #1 Hotel for Toxic Drug-Fueled Stays on Trip Advisor.

Nikki Patterson of Scotland broke the Guinness Book Record for having the most tattoos of any musical artist, with 28 tattoos of Eminem. Remarkably, 27 of them are cover-ups of Vanilla Ice.

New York’s upscale sex club, Snctm, is planning a ‘Black-Death themed’ Halloween sex party. Space is limited to 30 guests on a first-served, first-come basis.

A 25-year-old Nevada man is now the first U.S. citizen confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 twice. He says the second bout was worse because of his underlying condition of eating at the Circus Circus buffet the day of his second positive test.

A new study claims coronavirus can survive for up to 28 days on paper money. “So?” said men who leave all their cash in pants pockets when they do laundry.

Delta Airlines reported a $5.4 billion quarterly loss due to the pandemic. So good luck getting them to give you that whole can of Diet Coke.

Flight attendants Kim Guillory, a black woman, and Sharon Tesler, a Jewish woman – both “over age 39” – are suing United Airlines, saying they aren’t picked for MLB & NFL charter flights because they’re not young and blond. United claims it’s not their age and race, it’s that football and baseball players don’t want to have sex with them.

Facebook announced Horizon, a virtual reality massive multiplayer world. It’s designed to stretch the imagination, so much so that your Facebook friends become people you really want to talk to.

A new study claims water containing small amounts of sugar, protein or fat is better for hydration than plain water. This is bad news for families trying to convince obese relatives not to hydrate with Gatorade or gravy.

In New Zealand, a University of Canterbury student was reportedly dead in his dorm room for eight weeks before being discovered. The other residents of his dorm were really, really good at honoring the “necktie on the doorknob” rule.

Amazon announced eyeglasses, earbuds and a ring you can buy to communicate with digital assistant Alexa. “Alexa, you’re smothering me” said men.

President Trump dismissed the impeachment inquiry and whistleblower complaint as garbage, adding he has the best hearing and if someone blew a whistle he’d have heard it.

Families are concerned that the new DC Comics movie ‘Joker’ will spur mass shootings, citing as evidence everyone who wanted to kill themselves after paying to see ‘Suicide Squad’.

A United Airlines flight from Washington DC to San Francisco made an emergency landing in Denver after a woman got stuck in the bathroom. She was eventually freed, but passengers still waited to use the other one.

An inmate in the recreation yard at an Ohio county jail was caught on camera receiving a package dropped from a drone. The package contained a cell phone, marijuana and other contraband. The inmate was later charged with texting & shanking a guard.

You can now use Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to begin a job application to work at McDonald’s, provided you’re okay with Alexa or the Google Assistant taking ten minutes trying to talk you out of it.

Former co-host of ‘The View’ Jenny McCarthy claims show founder Barbara Walters – in early stages of dementia – consistently forgot who McCarthy was. This made many of the people on set jealous of Barbara Walters.