Paris Hilton married Carter Reum in Bel-Air. The Internet was temporarily broken due to the surge of “A Reum In Paris” jokes.

Lawyers for a Capitol rioter had to mute his microphone in court since he was audibly complaining about jail conditions, including medical care, food, and the lack of other hot-looking rioter-cellmates.

A McDonald’s worker shared a viral video about a 6,400 item order – 1,600 McDoubles, 1,600 McChickens, and 3,200 cookies – she had to prepare in just four hours. The total cost was $7,400, and Barron Trump still had a terrible birthday party.

Congress is mandating anti-drunk-driving technology for new cars, and multiple lawmakers said they plan to personally test how well it works during the next recess.

An Antarctic penguin made it to New Zealand, 2,000 miles from its home continent. A local man rescued the penguin, saying it was “tired, hungry, and swearing never to use Apple Maps again.”

The Wisconsin judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was criticized for making a joke about Asian food delivered to the court, saying he hoped it wasn’t stuck on a freighter in California. “That’s my time” he then said before introducing the next judge.

Winter, a dolphin outfitted with a prosthetic tail, who was the inspiration for the film A Dolphin Tale, died at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Mourners shared their memories of Winter and her porpoise-driven life.

Johnson & Johnson will separate in to two companies – pharmaceuticals, and consumer products – each one a multi-billion-dollar Johnson.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson said the gyms he works out in are so dirty and old, he urinates in old plastic bottles because there aren’t any bathrooms. In other news, a dozen bodybuilders were sickened by bottled energy drinks at The Rock’s gym.

The death toll from Travis Scott’s Astroworld rose to nine people – matching the advance ticket sales from Color Me Badd’s upcoming Colorworld Festival.

A 98-year-old COVID-19 victim’s cadaver was dissected without his family’s permission, in a ticketed public autopsy for medical professionals held at the Portland Marriott. The family may sue, as will the people who mistakenly walked in looking for the wedding reception in the next ballroom.

Lawyers for the weapons handler on ‘Rust‘ – Alec Baldwin’s film project where a cinematographer was killed – allege possible sabotage by someone placing a live bullet in a prop handgun. They say this isn’t the only sabotage – someone tried casting Andy Dick in the movie.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 and is reportedly unvaccinated. The bad news is he’ll miss this weekend’s game, the good news is State Farm ads have been quarantined for 14 days.

‘Diana: The Musical’, about the life of Princess Diana, previewed on Broadway to negative reviews, with some calling it “a train wreck that ends in a car wreck”.

Fat cells have been found to play a central role in cognitive decline, according to the new ‘Fat, Dumb & Happy’ study.

A 4-year-old Australian girl missing for two weeks was found alive and returned safely to her family. A 36-year-old man was arrested and charged with her abduction, and Aussie police released the dingo-of-interest they’d held for questioning.

India marked the celebration of Diwali amidst air pollution so bad, residents asked “Who turned out the Festival of Lights?”

Nintendo of America cut forecast sales of its popular Switch gaming console, citing a global microchip shortage, and the release of an unexpectedly long Naughty list by Santa Claus.

Following the Alec Baldwin ‘Rust‘ film set shooting, Dwayne The Rock Johnson said he won’t use real guns in his movies anymore. The Rock’s demand will cause massive rewrites, delaying the production of Disney’s ‘The Tooth Fairy 3’.

A new paper published in the environmental journal Nature claims large whales poop much more than scientists previously thought. The conclusion was reached by observing sharks, disgusted at whale behavior ruining their dinner parties.

Former CBS News anchor Connie Chung commented on Donald Trump’s conflict with Lesley Stahl during their ’60 Minutes’ interview – then returned to her lab to process paternity tests for husband Maury Povich.

Facebook is launching a cloud gaming service, but only for Windows and Android devices because Apple won’t allow it – unless, of course, Facebook releases Apple’s favorite game, Pay Up Or Else.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson cut open his face while throwing 50-pound metal chains at the gym. The wound required several stitches from a doctor stunned to see blood from a Rock.

Phil Collins’ attorneys sent a cease-and-desist letter to Donald Trump, demanding that he stop playing ‘In The Air Tonight‘ at his rallies – but that Trump could still use ‘Against All Odds‘ if he wants.

A new study finds diet sodas increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, especially new Coke Zero Heart Rate.

NASA said they discovered traces of water on the Moon. They had planned a new mission to inspect it, until they found Neil Armstrong’s Dixie cups discarded next to it.

Unnamed Fox News anchors are in quarantine after being exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual on a private plane. Fox News said they’re shocked it’s only a few employees, since all of them are required to kiss Donald Trump’s ass.

Experts say school ventilation systems should be capable of filtering and changing out the air in classrooms 3 times an hour. However, to ensure safe breathing, that should increase to 6 times during the pandemic, and Taco Tuesday.

Bud Light Hard Seltzer released three new Holiday flavors: Ginger Snap, Peppermint Pattie and Apple Crisp. They’re being sold in a 12-can Ugly Sweater Pack, which is how your sweater will look after you vomit the new flavors on to it.

A California mailman encountered a man who had cut his arm with a chain saw and bleeding profusely. The mailman quickly used his belt as a tourniquet, but delivered it to the wrong arm.

Ellen Degeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi, posted on social media “I Stand With Ellen”. And, in a follow-up, “I Stand Next To Ellen’s Piles Of Money”.

T-Mobile officially retired the Sprint brand on Monday. Customers are still accidentally saying “goddamned Sprint dropped my call again”.

COVID-19 testing centers are closed all along the east coast due to extreme weather. It gets worse, Isaias tested positive.

Glamour magazine released its list of The Biggest Haircut Trends for Autumn 2020. Topping the list? ‘Actually getting one’.

Scientists analyzing a fossilized dinosaur bone found that it was cancerous. The bone was discovered next to a pile of fossilized cigarette butts.

Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter Claudia Conway called Donald Trump a “f***ing idiot” for suggesting children return to classrooms – and, in doing so, vaulted herself to the top of the list of potential Joe Biden running mates.

After losing his penis to an infection, a doctor constructed a new one on a man’s arm. Surgery will eventually move it between his legs, but until then his biggest issues are sex, urination, and proper-fitting long-sleeved shirts.

UFC founder Dana White said The Rock should ‘move fast’ on a reboot after acquiring the now-defunct XFL.  White added the first step should be combing the South Seas for a new XFL Island.

Someone put ‘Trump 2020’ stickers on the tracking collars of black bears in the Asheville, NC region. The stickers were removed and replaced with Blacks For Trump stickers.

Economists say the pandemic has created the first ‘female recession’ because of disproportionate impacts to jobs in child care and teaching. Women are reacting to COVID-19’s impact by not speaking to it.



McDonald’s in Canada is testing a plant-based burger served with lettuce and tomato called the McPLT. Customers preferred that name to the McPPP.

A Virginia doctor will serve 40-years for illegally prescribing more than a half-million doses of opioids. He’ll report for prison, where his calendar is already booked solid.

A new study by AAA finds new auto safety features intended to keep drivers from hitting pedestrians don’t work properly after dark.  The study is being cited in a class action lawsuit filed against automakers by deer.

Tesla’s new “Smart Summon” feature – allowing users to have their car drive to them in parking lots from distances to 200 feet – has already caused multiple crashes with other vehicles. Tesla is updating the feature to Smart Summon an ambulance.

New research suggests getting tattoos may help boost the body’s immune response – so go ahead and have unprotected sex with that healthy tattooed prostitute.

A Texas high school cheerleader jumped off her float in the homecoming parade to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking two-year-old. The cheerleader was concerned because the boy repeatedly failed to give her a T.

Chevrolet announced a radical change to the Corvette. For the first time, the engine will be behind the seats instead of under the hood. So now instead of the engine being ruined when you hit a tree, your luggage will be.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surprised a woman on her 100th birthday with a serenade, but not the naked pictures she really wanted.

Three men found floating on bales of cocaine after a shipwreck were rescued by the Colombian Navy. The three men were later identified as officers in the Colombian Navy.

Gwen Stefani turned 50. She now ain’t no Hollaback Woman.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson married Lauren Hashian. On their wedding night, Hashian sported a huge Rock on her finger.

The Governor of Nairobi, speaking at the funeral of his 41-year-old friend, outed the deceased friend for fathering an illegitimate child with a fellow politician. Several high-school teachers asked that the Governor not give the graduation speech at their schools.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly met with President Trump to explain the damage caused by import tariffs. Cook called the meeting productive, and said it had been a while since he put on a puppet show.

A new study claims that having children will make you happier, but only after they’ve left your home. Unfortunately, the study also found that the joy comes when the kids leave on their own, you can’t just kick ’em out for happiness’ sake.

Nike said they’ll continue to pay sponsored women athletes when they become pregnant. However, WNBA coaches said they might limit their minutes.

A senator is reintroducing the School Bus Safety Act, requiring seat belts on school buses. The legislation is supported by parents rights groups, and by bullies, who say the seat belts keep weak students in place so their lunch money can be stolen.

A minor league baseball team in Montana had to cancel games because of damage to the field caused by a Mumford & Sons concert – the first time a boring game had to be cancelled because of even-more-boring music.

A former employee is suing Whole Foods, saying he was bitten by a black widow spider in the produce cooler. Whole Foods is also being sued by the spider, who claims the man she bit wasn’t really GMO and hormone free.

Microsoft introduced SMS Organizer, a new messaging app to help organize text messages and provide a new source of harvesting and selling personal information.

Pregnant plus-sized model Ashley Graham shared an Instagram photo of her “real body”, highlighting folds of midriff fat and stretch marks. “See honey, didn’t I say you could be a model!” said men about to get punched after showing the pic to their wives.



Alabamians decide between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones to see which man represents the state in the U.S. Senate. While some project a record turnout, others are not as confident, once residents learned that voting won’t count as credit toward their GED or community service.

Veteran NPR host Tom Ashbrook has been suspended for sexual misconduct, accused of giving “creepy sex talks and unwanted back and neck rubs” – made possible via a generous grant from Exxon/Mobil.

President Trump recorded a robocall endorsement of GOP candidate Moore that went out to Alabama residents on Sunday. It would have gone out sooner, but Trump said the robot didn’t meet him on the golf course like he’d asked.

Speaking at a pre-election rally, Roy Moore’s wife Kayla addressed critics who say her husband doesn’t support blacks or Jews by asserting that “one of our lawyers is a Jew.” And “I think a couple of our ‘Bama running backs are blacks.”

SpaceX is sending barley seeds to the International Space Station, as part of a research project for Budweiser. Although the astronauts conducting the research are asking that they be paid for it with “good” beer.

NFL Network suspended current studio analysts Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans after a former wardrobe stylist sued the network for sexual harassment. A judge in the case issued a gag order on puns involving “pass” “run” and “illegal use of hands.”

Facebook is reemphasizing the Poke, an early feature that users could click to get another Facebook friend’s attention. So go ahead and Poke that woman you’ve never met in real life and see how that works out for you.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced via Instagram that he and girlfriend Lauren Hashian are expecting a baby girl.  No word on the due date, just a teaser poster of the infant soaring out of the birth canal behind the wheel of a 600 horsepower Dodge Challenger.

Personal injury attorney Thomas J. Henry threw a $4 million dollar birthday party for his son’s 18th birthday, featuring celebrity appearances, performances by Diplo and Migos, and the gift of a new blue Ferrari. Asked if there was anything he didn’t get, the birthday boy said “a hug.”

President Trump signed an executive order to put U.S. astronauts back on the moon. Trump said “we will .. plant our flag and leave our footprint, then pull the flag out so I can finish putting.”

San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Katie Sowers has come out, making her the first openly gay coach in the NFL. “Welcome to the club!” said an unnamed group of players comprising 10% of the 49ers roster.

According to a survey, 44% of Americans reported that the feeling they get from booking a cheap flight is better than sex. Most of the respondents were Spirit Airlines fliers, who can always count on booking cheap fares and getting screwed.

Former National Director of Intelligence James Clapper reacted strongly to President Trump’s rally speech in Phoenix Tuesday, saying he questions Trump’s fitness for office and his access to nuclear codes — especially since Trump had them all changed to ‘Password’.

In an excerpt from Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming 2016 campaign memoir ‘What Happened’, she said that when Trump stood behind her at the debates it made her “skin crawl”.  Said Melania Trump “..yeah? Now imagine the same thing, only he’s naked.”

Taylor Swift announced the release of a new album, ‘Reputation.’ The album drops in November, but it is already not speaking with Katy Perry’s new album.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is rumored to be getting a 5-year contract extension through 2024. Goodell has so far made over $200 million as Commissioner. He said he’ll continue to stand during the national anthem, because there’s no room to sit with all the piles of money around.

Actor Robert Downey Jr is warning fans of online scammers posing as Downey to cheat people out of charitable donations — leading countless gullible nerds to stop Venmo payments to Stark Industries.

Mark Wahlberg tops the Forbes list of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, followed by Dwayne ‘The Rock ‘ Johnson and Vin Diesel — offering continued hope to all of you good-looking, muscular guys in Hollywood who can’t act.

Ferrari unveiled a new 200-MPH convertible, and a new toupee super-glue for men buying it.

Elon Musk posted a photo on Instagram of the new spacesuit that SpaceX astronauts will wear on trips to the International Space Station. It features a fully redesigned helmet and bodysuit, with a fireproof pocket for astronauts to store their last messages to loved ones.