Philadelphia is ending its indoor mask mandate less than a week after reinstating it, after the Centers for Disease Control determined the health benefits of wearing one didn’t outweigh the risks from the food Philly residents ate when they removed it.

Tiger Woods introduced two new 18-hole putting courses at a fun center in Sarasota. He focused on putting courses because he’s notoriously great at putting, and because it leaves more time for participants to hit on the female bartenders.

Mike Tyson repeatedly punched a passenger seated behind him on a Jet Blue flight, but walked off the aircraft before it departed. He then boarded a Spirit Airlines flight, and waited for the captain to illuminate the fistfight sign before pummeling a different guy.

A new mom’s Tik Tok video claims the key to understanding a newborn baby is deciphering nine unique baby cries – three each for hunger, fatigue, and filling their diaper.

The FAA revoked the private pilot’s license of YouTube’r Trevor Jacob, saying he crashed a small plane on purpose, jumping out with a parachute and recording it all on a smartphone with a selfie stick. Jacob remains grounded for a year, and then will start work flying for Spirit Airlines.

Amber Heard is accused of copying ex-husband Johnny Depp’s outfits as the two square off in court over a lawsuit. Heard said it was tough to find a Halloween Spirit store open in April to get a Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

Florida released four examples of math textbooks it disqualified for use in the state. The exhibits showed bar charts measuring perceived racism – with the tall bar labeled ‘Florida’.

Donald Trump mocked the shutdown of CNN+ streaming service after just three weeks. He released a statement calling it an ’empty desert’. The statement was released on multiple online outlets, including to the six people on Truth Social.

Victoria’s Secret named its first male Brand Ambassador, actor Darren Barnet. He’ll model gender-neutral apparel and give online tutorials on one-handed bra unhooking.

Kevin Federline’s lawyer said Britney Spears’ recent post about his not wanting to see her when she was pregnant with their children is false, and that he would vigorously defend Federline just as soon as Britney paid him.

Congress approved a bill to make Juneteenth – June 19th, a day marking the end of slavery – a federal holiday, as multiple Republicans tried, and failed, to do the same for Jansixth.

Gay soccer star Megan Rapinoe was hired to promote Victoria’s Secret as part of their rebrand – so now we all know what Victoria’s secret was.

The Philadelphia 76ers blew a 20-point lead for the second straight time, losing to the Atlanta Hawks in Game 5 of their playoff series. Philadelphia fans threw batteries at the team, then the Sixers threw them back and missed.

Southern Baptists elected Ed Litton as their conference President, who’s viewed as a ‘centrist’ because he promotes racial justice, while still hating queers.

Angelina Jolie reportedly got a ‘meaningful new tattoo’ – which reminds her what all of her other, less meaningful, tattoos are supposed to mean.

Fishermen near New Jersey’s Seaside Heights Pier caught a great white shark, which was then won by a kid playing a ring toss game.

The world’s third-largest diamond was reportedly unearthed near Botswana. Google suffered a brief outage as all the world’s rappers and the Kardashian family simultaneously searched ‘Where Is Botswana’?

Asked about privacy in a new interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook called it “a fundamental human right”. Asked about more durable glass on iPhones, Cook called it “a much lower priority than privacy”.

Microsoft Teams is doubling the maximum number of on-screen videoconference participants from 49 to 98. This makes it more likely you can see video of CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin masturbating, but tougher to actually tell what he’s doing.

Ricky Schroder protested outside a Foo Fighters concert in Agoura Hills, California, because attendance required proof of vaccination. Schroeder then left for a Toby Keith concert which required proof of gun ownership and dropping out of junior high.

Colin Kaepernick held his own workout for NFL teams after the league-sponsored workout fell through. Kaepernick objected to a liability waiver requested by the NFL, and that his audition include a song & dance number to Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Golfer Russell Henley was penalized 8 strokes by the PGA Tour for violating the ‘one ball rule’ – using two different varieties of ball in the same round. Tour officials said he should have known he played four holes with a lacrosse ball.

Doyle’s Cafe, one of Boston’s longest-operating Irish bars, closed after 137 years. A young boy played bagpipes as patrons gathered together to listen and have one last drunken fistfight.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said popular cannabis derivative CBD is unsafe and that its benefits are unproven. He made these remarks during his keynote address at OxyContinFest.

Two yachts worth $20 million were destroyed by fire in Fort Lauderdale. Florida firefighters fought the blaze with sandbags to sink them.

Safety experts warn that hackers use public USB phone-recharging stations to install identity-stealing malware, in a process called “juice-jacking”. They say this isn’t to be confused with the other juice-jacking, where grade school bullies beat up kids for their Capri Sun.

Bud Light is launching its own line of of fruit-flavored hard seltzer. It’s just regular Bud Light with different Starbursts smooshed into the can.

Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor got married over the weekend. She walked down the aisle twenty times in the same wedding dress, but with different sets of underwear.

Kylie Jenner modeled a pair of trendy $840 high-heeled “thong sandals”, then complained that the shoes were making her crotch hurt.

Two chemistry professors at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas face charges of producing methamphetamine. They’re expected to mount an aggressive defense, that meth-cooking is the only chemistry anyone in Arkansas wants to learn.



A former Drexel University professor spent $189,000 in federal grant money at Philadelphia strip clubs and sports bars. He was fired, but not before submitting his final research paper, ‘How $189,000 Will Still Not Get You Laid At Strip Clubs’. [story h/t to A.O.]

A 44-year-old woman gymnast from Uzbekistan is waiting to see if she qualifies for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. If her scores are good enough, then she waits to see if her fiber supplement is taken off the banned substances list.

Toys R Us is partnering with Target to launch a new toy shopping website. Since Toys R Us has no physical stores, toddlers and other small children are adjusting to throwing temper tantrums in front of a laptop or tablet.

Victoria’s Secret hired its first plus-size lingerie model, size 14 Ali Tate-Cutler. Cutler will model lingerie made in larger sizes, featuring the first bras and panties with pockets for snacks.

Ellen Degeneres is facing criticism for attending a Dallas Cowboys game with former President George W. Bush, including the risk of crashing Twitter under a tsunami of “Ellen likes Bush” jokes.

The Centers for Disease Control warned an American Airlines flight attendant may have exposed passengers to Hepatitis A – creating the fifth-most severe health risk faced by passengers on American Airlines flights.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz said that the Trump Impeachment Inquiry is a “Kangaroo Court” and that Democrat Adam Schiff is leading it like a “malicious Captain Kangaroo”. Said Captain Kangaroo from beyond the grave “I didn’t know I was a Congressman.”

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott reportedly broke up because she wanted a second child together, and he did not want a seventh child.

Major League Baseball is sponsoring a Junior Home Run Derby, so kids can have another way to disappoint their Dads outside of Little League.

Rob Gronkowski is joining Fox Sports as an NFL Football analyst – to the delight of viewers who think halftime and postgame highlights shows are just too darned complicated.



Victoria’s Secret announced the hiring of Valentina Sampaio, their first openly transgender model. Sampaio is expected to help launch a new line of roomier women’s briefs.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said he will accept $20 million in international aid to fight Amazon rainforest fires, but only if France’s President Emmanuel Macron apologizes for barbs traded about each other’s wives. Aides are busy translating “beggars can’t be choosers” from French to Portugese.

Viral video shows Senator Elizabeth Warren giving personal financial advice to people appearing on “Dr. Phil”, including “don’t ask Dr Phil for financial advice.”

MTV gave out its 2019 Video Music Awards; or, as they’re now known, the Music Awards.

New artist Lizzo performed in front of a giant inflatable butt at the MTV Awards, in case you ever need a practical definition of “putting a hat on a hat.”

A new invasive species of tumbleweed that can grow up to six feet in height is taking over parts of California. It’s been spotted in several California locations, including Nicolas Cage’s acting career.

Retired New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is pitching CBD oil use to treat pain. He even came up with his own slogan “It’s as simple as CBD, the first three letters of the alphabet!”

Oklahoma tv host Alex Housden apologized to her black co-host Jason Hackett after telling him he “kind of looks like” a gorilla.  Housden is expected to remain a host of ‘Good Morning Racists’.

Seattle Mariners outfielder Keon Broxton was ejected from Monday night’s game against the Yankees after hitting plate umpire Manny Gonzalez in the face with a batting glove. Gonzalez chose to eject Broxton rather than have a pistol duel at 20 paces.

Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $572 million for worsening the opioid epidemic in Oklahoma. So Johnson & Johnson are looking for 5.72 million Benjamins.


President Trump toughened rules for immigrants seeking asylum in the United States, including adding an application fee. Critics are angry because immigrants typically don’t have the money to pay, and because the fees go to Barron Trump’s Venmo account.

NASA is conducting a trial exercise where a giant asteroid strikes Earth, wiping out an entire city. So far none of the nerdy male NASA engineers has been able to convince a hot woman scientist to have sex with them because Houston will be wiped out, anyway.

Erin Heatherton, 30, a former Victoria’s Secret model, declared bankruptcy, citing just over $6,000 in assets and well over $500,000 in debt.  She’s seeking a court-appointed assistant to sort through Sugar Daddy applications from various creeps.

Three-time Pro Bowl RB Jamaal Charles will officially retire as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, despite never following in the team’s recent tradition of committing some sort of shockingly violent crime.

Tesla is cutting the price of its home solar energy panels to spur adoption, as cities prepare for a wave of environmentally-conscious do-it-yourselfers falling off of roofs.

United Kingdom bookmakers Ladbrokes say the odds-on favorites for the name of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s baby are ‘Grace’ and ‘Diana’, while the longest odds are being offered for ‘Dakota’ and ‘Melania’.

Starting in 2020, residents of England must opt out to keep organs from being harvested for transplant after death. Although some proposals seek to exclude certain body parts from automatic donation, including genitals, unless of course it’s a guy’s, huge, and would really make the recipient’s day.

The Indian Army claims to have seen the footprint of a Yeti near the base camp of Makalu, near the border of Nepal and Tibet. The footprint measures 32 inches long, 15 inches wide, and apparently was able to find Crocs in its size.

Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass said the company has “not done our job” connecting with millennials, saying they’re still struggling to find the right segment of millennials that want to dress like 45-year-old moms.

Mark Zuckerberg said he invented a “sleep box” to help his wife, Priscilla, get enough sleep while the couple raise two young children.  The box is large enough to hold the children and both of their nannies.


104-year-old Australian scientist David Goodall, who’d raised $20,000 to travel to Switzerland to end his life via assisted suicide, died Thursday. Goodall ended his life while listening to Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ – he’d wanted to die listening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, but ran out of skips on Spotify Basic.

South Georgia Island near Antarctica, a haven for seabirds that had been infested by non-native rats, has been declared ‘rat free’ in what’s being called the largest rat eradication effort in history, using 13 tons of poison. Scientists believe the only chance for a bigger rat eradication will be in 2020, if the Trump Administration is voted out of Washington.

Donald Trump Jr., soon to be divorced from wife Vanessa, is dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. Guilfoyle co-hosts Fox News’ ‘The Five’; Trump Jr. has stated his desire to appear on the show, despite only having a Four And A Half.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources asked its social media followers to identify a fish that has human-like teeth.  “Why don’t they just ask me?’ wondered Captain Salty the Sea Dentist.

Doctors are warning patients not to wear spandex leggings and yoga pants during MRI procedures, since they may contain metallic threads that could cause burns. They also warn of creepy MRI technicians who share this information in the context of offering women free Butt MRIs.

50 Cent announced that he’s leaving Instagram and going back to Twitter, because they (Instagram) “take shit down off my page with out notifying me. #censorthesenuts” Instagram was then besieged with complaints from 50’s followers – angry that they couldn’t see the photo of his nuts.

The New York Mets lost 2-1 to the Cincinnati Reds in a game where the Mets were penalized for batting out of order in the first inning. Mets Manager Mickey Callaway took the blame for the error, saying he was busy talking to one of the player’s cute mom to see if she could join the team when they went out for pizza after the game.

Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump wore almost identical dresses to President Trump’s signing ceremony for an Executive Order promoting hiring military spouses. The President said they both looked great and couldn’t decide which of them to have sex with first.

Four Danish men in their 20s have started ‘Organic Basics’, a line of underwear that you can wear for weeks without washing, because silver threads kill 99.9% of all bacteria. 2-packs of men’s briefs cost $64 and 2-packs of women’s thongs cost $56. They’ve sold 200,000 units to rich, gross people who never have sex.

L Brands, owner of Victoria’s Secret, is the worst performing stock in the S&P 500 this year, with shares down 50% – and no sign that a push-up is coming anytime soon.


A North Korean soldier – shot five times while defecting to South Korea – was saved during surgery, but doctors discovered parasitic worms up to 11 inches long living in his intestines. When asked what the worms were doing in there, doctors replied “starving.”

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is now capable of doing a backflip. However, due to its metallic legs and flat chest, it was cut from the cheerleading squad.

During press interviews for Wheel of Fortune’s 35th anniversary season, Vanna White shared stories from grateful past contestants, saying one woman used her prize money to adopt a child. Vanna didn’t give any more details,  but she probably used the money to buy a Bea or Dee.

A new study from University of California San Francisco states that the Apple Watch can accurately detect hypertension and sleep apnea – this according to autopsies of heavy snorers who wear a watch to bed for some reason.

Cult leader and serial murderer Charles Manson died at age 83. No funeral arrangements have been made public, but you can assume they’ll be about as private as it gets.

Apple’s planned competitor to Amazon’s Echo – the Apple HomePod – is being delayed until 2018, because Siri is already slammed with too many dumb questions from iPhone & iPad owners during the holidays.

Business analysts say Victoria’s Secret sales are down 11% because women want more comfortable underwear. Victoria’s Secret executives are also concerned that plus-size underwear sales may suffer if Amazon Lingerie becomes a reality.

A new wearable fitness tracker, the Spire Health Tag, is a small thumb-sized transmitter that you stick to your workout apparel and leave there, even in the laundry. Its makers say that it will run for months on a button cell battery, or until it blacks out from the smell.

Ryan Seacrest denies allegations of inappropriate behavior levied by his former wardrobe stylist, saying at no point was he ever Seacrest Out.

The U.S. Navy called the sky-drawn penis made by one of its jet pilots ‘unacceptable’, especially since an Army jet flew up and drew a bigger one.



The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland’s west coast, with wind speeds of roughly 109mph. Those wind speeds are expected to accelerate to 250mph in any story an Irish guy tells about it next year.

Astronomers for the first time observed a collision between neutron stars, which created gravitational waves and sent gold, platinum and lead hurtling through space. The historic observation may provide partial answers to age-old questions such as “What is the origin of the universe?’ and “How did Superman’s dad on Krypton get so rich?”

A Texas juvenile center employee confessed to stealing $1.2million worth of fajita shipments over a 9 year period. He was apprehended after warning an undercover agent to be careful touching the fajitas because they were extremely hot.

The University of Chicago Divinity School named its first-ever Jewish dean. Students praised new Dean Laurie Zoloth, and her plan to institute 30 new religious days off that enrollees have never heard of before.

Police in Seattle responded to a call where a man wielding deer antlers attacked someone at a downtown shelter. Seattle PD later released a photo of an officer posing with the 12-point homeless buck he shot. [h/t to J. Levytsky]

According to The New Yorker, President Trump repeatedly makes jokes at Vice President Pence’s expense. During a conversation on gay rights, Trump allegedly said “don’t look at him, he wants to hang all of them!”. Pence corrected Trump, saying he said that all the gays he’s met are hung.

Netflix told investors at their quarterly earnings report that they’ll spend up to $8 Billion on programming in 2018, up from a projected $6 Billion in 2017.  The money will go to increased acquisition costs as studios like Disney start their own streaming services, and to build/populate a women’s prison for Orange Is The New Black.

President Trump said that he and embattled GOP Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell are “closer than ever before”; adding that McConnell is “like a Miss USA contestant to me.”

Police were summoned to the Quaker Bridge Mall in New Jersey, where a man stripped naked, sat in a massage chair on the mall concourse, and punched an officer. Later, the man explained that he’d been on his feet all day exposing himself to Victoria’s Secret shoppers, and needed to rest. [h/t to M. Brooks]

The President plans a written order to declare a national emergency on opioids sometime next week, after the shoulder soreness from golfing is addressed.

A two-star Army general has been relieved of his command for texting the wife of a sergeant in his unit to call her a ‘hottie’. An Army spokesman said that the texts compromised morale, since the general didn’t call all of the enlisted men hotties, too.